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A message to our families,
We know you may be aware of possible proposed changes to our property taxes. Currently, in the Pennsylvania legislature there is a rumbling of property tax reform, although nothing has been officially brought forward at this time. However, since there may be a very real chance of a bill being presented we felt it necessary to keep our community members informed of the possibilities so you may make your own decisions for what is best for you and your family.  We encourage you to contact your local legislators and share your thoughts and your personal circumstances.   To help you, we've provided a tax calculator for you to make a general determination of how the potential changes will affect you.  We've also provided contact information for your local state legislators.  
We feel you should be aware of a few things that may be confusing.
1) the proposal, although called property tax elimination, is really a property tax reduction.  You will still pay your county and municipal taxes as well as school property tax (at a reduced rate) until your district has recouped funds for debt acquired before December 31, 2016.  For the average homeowner in Bellefonte, this means you will still continue to pay approximately $364.00 in school property taxes.
2) in the proposal you would also begin to pay a higher sales tax (from 6% to 7% and this would include food and clothing items not previously taxed) as well as an increase in your Personal (state) Income Tax (from 3.07% to 4.95%).
3) additionally businesses would not be paying property taxes which equates, for Bellefonte, to individuals making up the $4,447,000.00 difference through the increased sales and income taxes.  
From our District's perspective, we have concerns regarding distribution of the newly collected funds, the impact on our funding streams, the inability to be reimbursed for 100% of our taxes assessed (we would only be reimbursed for the percentage collected, not those that are delinquent at the time of funding distribution), and the effect on our ability to maintain current levels of programming or to borrow funds if needed.  We are equally concerned about the effect this may have on our local career and technical center, CPI. 
We anticipate that most working families will pay more overall taxes with the proposed changes.  The elimination or reduction in your property taxes will not offset the increase you will pay in the other taxes.  For example, a family with both spouses making a combined income of $100,000.00 with a weekly grocery bill of $300.00 and approximate yearly clothing costs (and other taxed items) of $2,400.00 and a current property tax bill of $2,500.00 will pay $1,015.00 more in total taxes per year. (Please click on the property tax elimination calculator below to see what your savings or additional tax owed might be).
Contact information for our local legislators:
Senator Jake Corman  
236 Match Factory Place 
Bellefonte, PA 16823 
(814) 355-0477 
FAX: (814) 355-6046 
House Representatives
Hon. Kerry A. Benninghoff
140 West High Street
Bellefonte, PA 16823 
(814) 355-1300 
Fax: (814) 355-3523 
Hon. Michael K. Hanna
102 Turnpike Street
PO Box 1134
Milesburg, PA 16853-1134
(814) 353-8780 
Fax: (814) 355-6056 
Click this link to access your local legislators’ contact information and this link for your federally elected officials.   
The Bellefonte Area School District believes in an inclusive and welcoming environment for all people.  We embrace diversity and work to ensure all people have access to equitable opportunities for learning and professional growth.  Board policies #103 and #104 govern our practice:
The Board declares it to be the policy of this district to provide an equal opportunity for all students to achieve their maximum potential through the programs offered in the schools regardless of race, color, age, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, ancestry, national origin, marital status, pregnancy or handicap/disability.

The Board declares it to be the policy of this district to provide to all persons equal access to all categories of employment in this district, regardless of race, color, age, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, ancestry, national origin, handicap/disability, or genetic information. The district shall make reasonable accommodations for identified physical and mental impairments that constitute disabilities, consistent with the requirements of federal and state laws and regulations.

Should you believe you have experienced an event or circumstance that is contradictory to our policy, please contact either our Human Resources department or the Superintendent's office.
Helping parents meet the needs of our earliest learners is important to our district.  If you are interested in exploring any of the following pre-K opportunities - Head Start, Early Head Start, or PA Pre-K Counts, please call the Wingate office of CenClear at 814-353-0791 or reach them through their web address at: 

Staff members click the image to access the 
safeSCHOOLS training website.

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Legal Notices


  • To our families – over the last few weeks we’ve experienced our first taste of winter weather.  If we are to believe the forecasts, it promises to be an active weather pattern this year.  Therefore, it is important for everyone to understand the process the district goes through when facing potential inclement weather.

    Decisions are made with consideration of all of the information available to us at that time.  We look to the insight and data provided by our local meteorologists as well as Penn DOT and our local township road crews.  Depending upon the data, sometimes we venture out ourselves to check our roads and include that information in our decisions.  

    Generally, unless there is a specific incident affecting a single district, the decision to delay, close, or dismiss early is made in conjunction with our surrounding districts.  We do this both to ensure safety across our region as well as to maximize educational hours – including those of our students attending CPI. 

    If the inclement weather forecast is for the next day, we participate in a conference call between 4:45 and 5:00 AM.  At that time we consider the data and recommendations from our experts, the radar loops and information we each have readily available, the timing of our bus schedules, and any other factors that could affect our decision.   A decision is generally made by 5:15 at which time all of our districts begin our respective phone calls and alert messages.  If we decide on a delay, we generally meet again via a conference call at 7:00 AM and reevaluate our decision.  It is at this time, between 7:10 – 7:20, you may begin to receive calls with updated information.  If you do not receive an additional call, or see/hear any changes reported through the TV or radio stations, you may assume the decision has not changed from the initial call.  We begin at this time as our busses are preparing to leave as early as 6:00 AM. 

    Because our weather is unpredictable and the patterns often change direction or intensity, unless we are sure of a negative effect of the weather on our ability to safely transport our children, we will not make the call the evening before.   However, if the threat is significant and we are confident of the need for a delay or closing the next day, you would receive a call, text, and/or email at some point in the early to mid-evening.   

    Early dismissals are called as early in the day as possible based upon the data and weather forecasts.

    Please note Bellefonte Area School District, as well as our surrounding school districts, makes every effort to ensure a decision that best balances the safety and education of our students with the potential effects of the impending weather.  It is complicated.  We have 114 square miles of roads often with varying degrees of potentially hazardous weather conditions.  Our forecasters don’t always ‘get it right’, the weather doesn’t always cooperate, and the data sometimes changes very quickly – hence, we will not always make a ‘call’ with which you agree.  With that in mind we never suggest you send your child out into a situation that you deem unsafe.    Your child’s safety is our first consideration.

    Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Director of Fiscal Affairs or our Transportation Coordinator. 


    Additionally, although this is the general procedure we follow, specific emergency or weather circumstances could cause us to make adaptations within this procedure. 

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  • Click to see the presentation from the Fall 2016 Integrated Learning Conference - TMC2: Teaching Mathematics with Career Connections

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  • Bellefonte Area School District believes it is their responsibility to provide a safe and nondiscriminatory environment for all students.  We also believe it is our responsibility to provide information and resources to broaden the knowledge and deepen the understanding of issues that affect our students and our community.  Please click here to view the powerpoint presentation from the June 28th School Board meeting.  Click here to view the accompanying video and audio to the powerpoint.  

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  • Information from the March Drug Awareness and Prevention Seminar


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  • Code of Conduct for Test Takers


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  • Electronic Devices and the PSSA/Keystone


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  • PSSA Information for Parents


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  • Parent Advisory Council Presentation on Data - Detangling the Data Dilemma Detangling the Data Dilemma

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  • Annual Report 2014-15

    Annual Report  2013-14

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  • Recently a case of pertussis was confirmed within the school district - please see the attached letter for more information.  Additionally, although our district does NOT currently have any cases of measles, we would like to share information with you regarding the disease and it's symptoms.   Should you have any questions, please contact your family physician or the school nurse.
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