Company E Hammock Guards letter

April 1, 1863
2nd Florida Camp
Company E, Hammock Guards
Anderson's Division
Longstreet's Corp
Colonel Bowman,
   It gives your servant much pleasure to submit this report, sir, 
regarding recent activities in the Narcoossee Mill region.
   The Fifth Company was present with 13 actives both days. It was 
good to see Captain Dennis Short in camp with his Third 
Company. Within his ranks yours servant could have sworn he 
saw a soldier who looked very much like your adjutant, Lt. Pat 
Adkins. But this could not have been so as he was toting a musket. 
I am not aware of any other Florida Battalion contingent 
present. As in recent engagements, the Confederate Command 
welcomed us with open arms and treated us with utmost respect.
   On Day One, we served as the Fourth Company in General 
Hardy's 2nd Battalion, commanded by Lt. Col. Keith Kohl. 
After a short battalion drill in the morning, we were thrown into 
battle as the Federals attacked the earthworks in force. Colonel 
Kohl's orders to my command were short and direct: Take the 
Fourth Company around the lake and engage the enemy. Needless 
to say, I accepted this directive with much enthusiasm and was 
most appreciative. After 50 minutes of rapid movement, going in 
and out of skirmish formation, refusing both flanks as needed to 
protect against Federal cavalry attacks, we were forced to give back 
all the ground we had gained. It pains this command to inform 
you that there were only three in my command standing at the 
conclusion of the battle. As no wounds were mortal, all were able to 
return to camp to fight another day.
   On Day Two, in spite of the weather conditions being most 
unfavorable, the Fifth Company left camp around noon and went on patrol in search of Federal activity in the region. 
Approximately 1/2-mile to the east, we engaged the 75th Ohio, 
commanded by Captain Barry King. As their numbers were 
superior, we were forced to fight as skirmishers with extreme 
intervals, using the cover of the woods as protection. After 45 
minutes of intense activity, we returned three captured Yankees 
to Colonel Kohl who advised your servant to take matters into 
his own hands. As there was no time for a trial, the majority 
voted to execute the prisoners. Cpl. Justin Kessler, Cpl. Musket 
Ward and Pvt. Nate Greene have been sent to the devil, sir. 
Only Pvt. Greene whimpered. A few hours later, the weather 
cleared and we engaged the enemy again. This day proved to be 
more favorable, as we cleared the ground of the enemy and won 
the day.
   This concludes my report, sir, and as I await your orders, I 
respectfully remain
Your obedient servant,
Capt. Clay Kearney
2nd Florida Volunteer Infantry
Company E, The Hammock Guards
Fifth Company
Florida Battalion, CSA