Letters From Battle

Presentation of Confederate Battleflag to Family of Colonel George T. Ward, 1862
Presentation of Confederate Battleflag to Family of Colonel George T. Ward, 1862

Executive Department,

Tallahassee, June 23d, 1862


Miss Anna H. Ward, Sisters & Brother

General Early who witnessed "The Peach Orchard Battle," presented the accompanying "Battle Flag," to Col. George T. Ward (your Patriotic and Gallant Father) who was in command and whose noble daring, and admirable skill, inspired the gallant forces under his command, and especially the 2d Florida Regiment, with the fearless resolve to vindicate Constitutional Liberty and the Rights of Freemen, in despite of all odds and in contempt of all dangers

At the battle fought near Williamsburg-- [part written in margin] where Col Ward was in command and more recently in the battle near Richmond, the 2d Florida Regiment under the command of col. E.A. Perry has been distinguished among the "bravest of the brave," sustaining the noble character of their late beloved and revered commander, and in the most deadly part of the conflict bore victoriously "the Battleflag" left in their keeping.

The accompanying letters from Col Perry, and, Capt Brevard, will make known to you, that I have been requested, as the Governor of the State of Florida, to deliver the Flag to you, to be preserved as a memento of the patriotism & courage of your Father. In the future Histories of the State of Florida and

the Confederate States of America, the name and deeds of Col. George T. Ward, will be inscribed, to inspire future generations with just admiration and esteem for the brilliant eloquence, refined intelligence, and unblemished integrity, which distinguished him as a Statesman-- for the bravery and skill that distinguished him as an officer upon the Battle Field, and for the graceful, generous, and inspiring social virtues-- which endeared him to all who knew him, in the State and National Councils, in social scenes and around the Family hearth,

May God bless and preserve you the
Children of a father so eminently distinguished.
With Sentiments and Respect
I have the honor to be most Cordially
Your Friend,
[John Milton]