How to Get Involved

These tips are selected from an article found on written by Lisa Capretto and published on June 18, 2010. 
Involvement in the classroom:
Work as a center/lab helper. Teaching things like science, art and computer lab to young children requires lots of hands-on help, and under tight budgets, these are often the first areas to be cut. If you have an interest in one of these areas, offer to come on those days to lend a hand.
Assist with a club or group: With teachers being asked to do more and more with fewer resources, sometimes it's up to parents to keep extracurricular activities going. If you have a special skill, volunteer to help a teacher with an extra-curricular club or group.

Speak to classes about your expertise: One of the most important gifts you can give a child is the gift of inspiration. Older kids have moved beyond wanting to be a fireman or the president and need role models to teach them about other career opportunities.
Pitch in: Help the school obtain necessary materials by donating items or money or advocating to local businesses to support the school. Schools can always use general materials such as paper, pencils, and calculators as well as higher end materials such as computers, tables, and textbooks.
Involvement at home and work: 
Offer to tutor. Teachers have to teach students with a wide range of abilities.  If you are knowledgeable in a particular subject, offer one-on-one support to students who need extra help by organizing a study group at your home. Bonus: your child will enjoy having their friends over for a study group as well!
Support a positive image of teachers: 
Invite teachers and professionals from the community to speak at meetings on various topics.

Advocate for teachers: Host a forum for candidates running for public office; focus questions on issues that affect children, families and education.
Use your connections: Reach out to people you know (senior citizens, journalists, alumni, politicians, etc.) to be involved with school activities and to share the great things going on there with the public.