Why Language Arts?

Some of the skills and knowledge you will learn in this class are listed below along with how you can use each in the real world. Check back from time to time as new skills/knowledge are added along with more examples of their applications!
Reading       Directions in an email from a friend on how to get to their Christmas party
Writing        Telling employers what you can do to prove how great you are for the job
Speaking     Sharing your plan with teammates so you can ensure a victory
Listening     Hearing what your friend is really upset about when they won't say it straight out
Below are SOME of the jobs that exist in the world today that require English language Arts skills and knowledge, the skills/knowledge that they require, and and example of how that skill/knowledge is used in that job. 
1. Software Developer               Listening               Meetings with clients to hear their software needs
2. Loan Officer                           Writing                   Filling out legal and financial forms properly
3. Salesman                               Speaking               Communicating the benefits of the product to customers
4. Realtor                                   Reading                 Going over data about houses and sharing the key points with your clients
5. Construction                          Listening                understanding the foreman's verbal instructions and doing them correctly
6. Receptionist                           Writing                  Creating emails, reports, letters, and other documents
7. Police Officer                          Speaking               Planning with team for upholding the law or making arrests
8. Cashier                                  Reading                 Knowing what labels specify for charges and sales
9. HVAC                                      Writing                  Daily reports of work completed and problems solved
10. Cosmotology                        Listening               Hearing clients' wants and interpreting them