Balloon Car


Balloon Car Project



 The challenge you have been assigned is to produce a car that will meet certain minimum speed and distance criteria.  The requirements are listed below.  You will need to apply your knowledge of motion and energy in designing your car.  You are free to use any materials you can find at home, but the only power source for your car is the air released from a balloon.  You are expected to provide your own balloons, but I will have a few if you run into trouble. You and your (1) partner will bring your car to class on the assigned day for demonstration and testing.  In order to further our cause in creating the ultimate car, you will need to prepare a two-page explanation of the physics concepts used in the design of your car.



1.     The maximum circumference for your balloon is 75 cm (29.5 in).

2.     Your car must be able to reach a minimum distance of 5 m (16.4 ft).

3.     Your car must reach the 1 m distance in a maximum of 3.5 s.



No part of the car may be in front of the start line when starting car.

No pre-made cars.  If you start with a car, you must make significant modifications.

All cars have four wheels.

The car must roll on all 4 wheels.

The balloon must be single layer.


Grading of Balloon Car Project:

 30 pts.  Construction

 15 pts.  Distance

15 pts.  Speed

40 pts.  Paper

Construction – How well the car is prepared and put together.  This will be an evaluation of the

 thought and effort put into the creation of your car.

 Distance – 10 pts. for reaching the min. 5 m  (* Under 5 m.:  penalty of 2 pts. for each meter under)

            1 pt.   for each additional meter up to 5 pts.

 Speed – 10 pts. for reaching the max. 3.5 sec. time limit  (* Over 3.5s:  penalty of 2pts. for each ½ s over)

            1 pt.   for each ½ second below this time up to 5 pts.

 Paper – Explanation of the ideas and concepts applied to the car.