Physics in Your Life

Mr. Harman



Physics in Your Life Project


Purpose:  For you to realize where physics is playing a part in your life right now.  Physics is all around us and we dont recognize it.  This project is designed for you to learn to appreciate the part physics plays in your life and to gain a better understanding of the relevance for your life.


Activity:  You will find an area or activity in your life to study the physics of.  You will then choose a specific example of this area or activity and do research on the physics involved.  Start with an outline of your information, put together a diagram explaining the physics involved and prepare a 2-page discussion of the topic.  You will conclude the project with a 5 min. oral presentation to the class on your topic.




1.      Teacher approval of topic

2.      Topic Outline (including relation to physics concepts)

3.      5 min. oral presentation

4.      Large scale (larger than 8½ x 11) diagram

5.      2 page report


Timeline:  Working with the teacher, you will decide on an appropriate time for the presentation to occur.  This timing will be aligned with the topics discussed in class.  This project will be done at various times throughout the year by different students.


Diagram:  A diagram is a scientific or analytical drawing.  It is not a picture or simply a sketch.  It must contain scientific information.  A minimum would be the labeling of the parts of something.


Grading:  This grade will be part of your final exam grade.  This will constitute a percentage of the final and therefore will play a large part in your grade.  The grading scale is as follows:


Presentation - 40 %

Diagram       - 20 %

Report          - 30 %

Outline         - 10 %


Class Time:  Some class time will be allotted for this project, but the majority of the time will be spent out of class.  I will be available at various times for extra help with this project upon request.