PinL Example Outline

Ice Hockey

I.      Introduction

A.   Why I chose Ice Hockey and how it is in my life

1.    I play ice hockey and use physics to play better.

B.   List of physics principles in Ice Hockey

1.    Friction, Force, Projectile Motion

II.    Friction

A.   Friction of Ice

1.    There is little friction when the ice is clean, but more when scraped up.

2.    The curve of skates causes little friction when gliding, but allows for more when pushing off.

III.   Force

A.   Force of hitting someone

1.    Force accelerates the opponent against the boards.

2.    Force changes the opponents direction.

B.   Force applied to the puck when shooting or passing

1.    Force accelerates the puck to make it move.

2.    More force = more acceleration = more velocity

C.   Force used to skate

IV.  Projectile Motion

A.   Shooting the puck

1.    The puck follows a parabolic shape.

2.    For long shots, the angle is critical and must take the effect of gravity into account.