Mr. Harman

Room 203


Physics is the macroscopic study of the relationship between and among matter and energy.  This course examines the physical and mathematical nature of these relationships and how various phenomena can be observed and utilized in many situations. 


Objective:        You will learn to:   


·         analyze situations using appropriate terms, laws, and theories

·         analyze cause and effect situations

·         analyze situations mathematically

·         perform experiments

·         HAVE FUN!!!!!!


Units:              Mechanics







Laboratory:     There will be a variety of laboratory exercises that you will perform throughout

                        the year.  These will be both inside and outside the classroom.  Labs are

                        extremely important to this course and give an insight into the topics we are

                        discussing.  Please be alert to any safety concerns involved with the lab activity. 

                        If handled properly, these labs will be very helpful and fun.



Projects:          Each student will be asked to complete a project for each quarter of the year.

                        Projects will be given some class time, but primarily will be completed out of

                        class.  There will be both individual and group projects.  There is also a once-

                        per-year project that students will complete individually that will be part of the

                        final exam.




Grade Distribution:     Grades are based on total points earned.  Actual percentages will vary from marking period to the next.


            Tests:                           40%                             Labs:                          15%

            Projects:                      20%                             Quizzes:                       5 %

Homework:                 15%                             Effort/Participation:       5 %