Lab Guidelines

Mr. Harman"s Lab Write-Up Procedure

Name of Lab

Names of Group Members 

Period #


Lab Purpose (Question the lab intended to answer)

Hypothesis (1-2 sentence statement of what should occur)

Data Tables

Example Calculations (one example of each type of calculation)

Graphs or Diagrams

3 Sources of Error (uncontrollable error, not mistakes)

Answers to Questions

Conclusion: (1-2 paragraph(s) explaining what was learned through this lab)

Each lab will have its own unique variations on this procedure; I will discuss these variations with each lab.

Labs are to be submitted electronically. This includes typing the report. Calculations and/or diagrams may be done in pen, photographed, and copied into the document.

Labs will be completed as a group, however every member of the group is required to participate.  Revision history will be checked and only students significantly involved in the analysis (Answer to Questions &/or Conclusion) will receive credit.

Click here for the PowerPoint explaining each section in further detail.