Course Guidelines

Mr. Harman

Physics Course Guidelines

Homework: Homework will be assigned by the week. Generally on Monday an assignment will be posted with the items due for the following Monday. There is homework to be done each night; it is your responsibility to keep up with the assignment since we will be moving through different topics throughout the week.

Lab Reports: Lab reports will be due one week after the lab is completed unless otherwise stated. Lab reports are to be submitted electronically. Refer to Lab Report Handout. Missed labs must be made up within one week.

Late Work: Late Assignments will be not be accepted. Each student is given one exception which is docked 50% if it is turned in the next day. Missed labs must be made up within one week.

Quizzes: There will be both announced and unannounced quizzes. When you come to class, you should be prepared to take a quiz on the material we have been studying up to that point. Unannounced quizzes will not be a high percentage of the grade, but they will count.

Substitute Each quarter there will be a project for you to complete. There is a substitute

Project: project that can be done once. It is an individual project and can be substituted for any quarter"s project that you chose, but it can only be done once. This project is more of a research and write type project for those who do not like building projects.

Extra Help: I am (almost) always available for extra help. Please feel free to ask me to come early or stay after school, or even evenings. I will also be glad to offer group extra help session as necessary. Please let me know if you feel one is necessary.

Course There will be a variety of useful information including homework assignments,

Website: posted grades, project descriptions, etc. on my homepage. Please use this often and let me know if you have any ideas to make it better. The website is: