School Bus Safety

Dear Families and Community Members -

With all the recent tragedies in the news resulting in injuries to children related to school buses (motorists not obeying traffic safety laws) or school bus stops we wanted to ensure you that our transportation providers are aware of these recent events and are continually stressing the importance of safety with all of their drivers.  


We want to encourage you to remind your children to always look both ways before crossing and to look to their drivers to ensure it is safe (they often have a better view of the road from their bus seats).  We also want to stress how important it is for each of us who drives to remain vigilant and take our time when traveling, especially during arrival and dismissal hours.  Saving a minute or two by driving too quickly or by not stopping for a bus's flashing lights never offsets the risk to our children.  


We are deeply saddened by the recent events and will continue to do all we can to ensure the safety of our children.