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  • Success Starts Here

    Success Starts Here

    Bellefonte Area School District is regularly featured on a website supported by the Pennsylvania School Board Association, or PSBA. The Success Starts Here campaign is a multiyear statewide effort to promote public schools from around the commonwealth.

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  • LinkedIn blog series

    LinkedIn blog series

    Bellefonte Area School District had the privilege to partner with LinkedIn to provide our district and community with a blog series that could help in their future work endeavors.

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  • Safe School Helpline

    Safe School Helpline

    The Bellefonte Area School District has partnered with Safe School Helpline to provide a way for students, staff and community members to help prevent any threat of harm at our schools. Safe School Helpline is a confidential way for anyone to report information about situations that may impact safety at our schools.

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  • Safe2Say Something

    Safe2Say Something

    Bellefonte Area School District, in partnership with the state, launched the Safe2Say Something helpline through the Safe2Say Program. The initiative, mandated by state law known as Act 44, is an anonymous reporting system designed to help students and staff recognize warning signs of individuals who may be a threat to themselves or others.

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  • Red Raider magazine

    Red Raider magazine

    Red Raider magazine is a publication that highlights Bellefonte Area School District. With a circulation of about 10,600, it is distributed to each household within the district, twice a year. It can also be found online.

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  • Charter schools

    Charter schools

    A charter school is a school that is publically funded, but privately operated. Its funds largely come from taxpayer dollars paid to the resident’s home public school district that is responsible for the tuition of those students who live within the district’s boundaries and attend a charter school. According to the state Department of Education, all schools in Bellefonte Area School District have 100 percent highly-qualified teachers under the No Child Left Behind act. In Pennsylvania, Charter School Law requires only 75 percent of professional staff members of a charter school to hold appropriate Pennsylvania certification.

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  • Backpack Weekend Food Program

    Backpack Weekend Food Program

    The Backpack Weekend Food Program is back at Bellefonte Area schools, and all students are eligible just by applying for the program. It’s held in partnership with the YMCA of Centre County as part of its anti-hunger initiative.

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  • Employee Spotlight

    Employee Spotlight

    The Employee Spotlight features faculty and staff from Bellefonte Area School District. Organized by district public relations specialist Brit Milazzo, in partnership with the human resources department, the goal is to promote the people who make the district. Each season, an employee from the district’s administration, professional staff and support staff will be randomly chosen for the feature.

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  • Budget talk with Ken Bean

    Budget talk with Ken Bean

    Bellefonte Area School District Director Fiscal Affairs Ken Bean breaks down information about the district's budget and other finances, in a series of informational videos.

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  • Red Raiders podcast

    Red Raiders podcast

    Red Raiders Podcast gives updates about what’s happening at the Bellefonte Area School District, from the people who are part of it. Hosted by the district's public relations specialist Brit Milazzo, she regularly invites guests from within the school district to discuss topics that affect our community and schools.

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  • Bellefonte eLearning Academy

    Bellefonte eLearning Academy

    Bellefonte Area School District offers cyber education for its students who may feel this form of alternative learning is a good fit for them. In a question and answer with Rebecca Leitzell, the district's cyber education coordinator, you may learn what the program entails.

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  • Special Education

    Special Education

    Special education at Bellefonte Area School District is a department that provides a compilation of services designed to meet needs of students who have disabilities. There are 13 disability categories that students can have – including a combination of those – and receive service based on their disability area to accommodate that while they’re in public school.

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  • Global Education

    Global Education

    Bellefonte Area High School English teacher Ashlie Crosson completed a yearlong fellowship that allowed her to complete intensive coursework, workshop with teachers from across the country and spend 16 days in Morocco doing field work. Teachers for Global Education is a program through the Department of State that allows educators to learn about global education and bring the ideas back to his or her school.

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  • Youth author Annie Cernuska

    Youth author Annie Cernuska

    Annie Cernuska, a Bellefonte Area Middle School student, is the author of the book, “The Hunter Voyage,” a 75-page chapter book geared toward kids ages 8 to 15 and published by ReadyAimWrite Kids publishing company in Harrisburg.

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  • Bellefonte Reads

    Bellefonte Reads

    Bellefonte Reads is a district-based organization committed to promoting literacy throughout the community. A committee that oversees the organization helps arrange literacy events such as One Book, One Bellefonte and Community Literacy Night.

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  • Student meal accounts

    Student meal accounts

    The district food service department is offering the public the option to help fund student meals. It’s an initiative encouraged during the holidays, but also one that lasts throughout the year.

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  • Three-hour delay option

    Three-hour delay option

    The Bellefonte Area school board approved the decision of a three-hour school delay option to use if necessary in weather-related situations that would force a delay to the start of the school day. The idea behind the decision was to limit the number of canceled school days due to weather, by extending the delay. That could allow more time for snow and ice maintenance making it a safer transport of students to school, and without having to miss a full day of instruction.

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  • Videos


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  • Athletic highlights

    Athletic highlights

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  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan

    Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan

    The Centre County Metropolitan Planning Organization in conjunction with the state Department of Transportation is updating the Pennsylvania Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan and would like community input.

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  • District PR director

    District PR director

    Brit Milazzo is the public relations specialist at Bald Eagle and Bellefonte area school districts in Centre County. She also works closely with Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology in Spring Township. The positions were established in the fall of 2017 to help foster a relationship among the schools and communities it serves, and beyond.

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