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  • Success Starts Here

    Success Starts Here

    Bellefonte Area School District is regularly featured on a website supported by the Pennsylvania School Board Association. The Success Starts Here campaign is a multiyear statewide effort to promote public schools from around the commonwealth. Since the 2018-19 school year, BASD has been the most publicized district in the commonwealth, according to PSBA.

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  • Global education

    Global education

    Bellefonte Area School District has a commitment to global education by providing opportunities for staff and students to teach and learn curriculum that integrates multiple-dimension teaching into everyday lessons -- through the world language department with Chinese and Spanish taught to students as early as kindergarten, along with providing support for staff who want enhance their own professional learning on this matter.

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  • Health, safety and security

    Health, safety and security

    Health, safety and security at Bellefonte Area School District is of utmost importance. That's why the district takes into consideration many safety and security efforts that often reach beyond our schools, staff and students, and also provides the community with information about illness prevention, mental health and more. Through this, two anonymous reporting applications are also available -- Safe School Helpline and Safe2Say Something.

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  • Inclusiveness, diversity and equity

    Inclusiveness, diversity and equity

    Bellefonte Area School District has a continuous goal to educate faculty, staff, students and the community on human differences -- and acceptance of those -- through inclusiveness, diversity and equity, through efforts such as enhancing curriculum, creating an IDE committee and working with professionals who are experts in the mission. It's an initiative started under former Superintendent Michelle Saylor and is an ongoing effort.

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  • Title IX

    Title IX

    According to Harvard University, Title IX is a federal civil rights law passed as part of the Education Amendments of 1972. It protects people from discrimination based on gender in educational programs or activities that receive federal financial assistance.

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  • Athletic highlights

    Athletic highlights

    Highlights from the Bellefonte Area School District athletic department. It includes quick-hit information including letter of intent signing; personal and team accomplishments; and more.

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  • Backpack Weekend Food Program

    Backpack Weekend Food Program

    The Backpack Weekend Food Program is back at Bellefonte Area schools, and all students are eligible just by applying for the program. It’s held in partnership with the YMCA of Centre County as part of its anti-hunger initiative.

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  • Bellefonte eLearning Academy

    Bellefonte eLearning Academy

    Bellefonte Area School District offers cyber education for its students who may feel this form of alternative learning is a good fit for them. Different than cyber charter schools, the BeLA program – Bellefonte eLearning Academy, started in 2009 – means a student who goes through the virtual program is still a student of BASD and may participate in other Bellefonte Area-offered classes, clubs, athletics, fine arts and extracurricular activities provided by the district.

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  • Bellefonte READS

    Bellefonte READS

    Bellefonte Reads is a district-based organization committed to promoting literacy throughout the community. A committee that oversees the organization helps arrange literacy events such as One Book, One Bellefonte and Community Literacy Night.

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  • Budget talk with Ken Bean

    Budget talk with Ken Bean

    Bellefonte Area School District Director Fiscal Affairs Ken Bean breaks down information about the district's budget and other finances, in a series of informational videos.

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  • Charter schools

    Charter schools

    A charter school is a school that is publically funded, but privately operated. Its funds largely come from taxpayer dollars paid to the resident’s home public school district that is responsible for the tuition of those students who live within the district’s boundaries and attend a charter school. According to the state Department of Education, all schools in Bellefonte Area School District have 100 percent highly-qualified teachers under the No Child Left Behind act. In Pennsylvania, Charter School Law requires only 75 percent of professional staff members of a charter school to hold appropriate Pennsylvania certification.

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  • COVID-19 pandemic information

    COVID-19 pandemic information

    The district has a COVID-19 pandemic information page about the novel coronavirus pandemic and how it impacts school. This site includes a timeline of important updates, a district Q&A with answers to frequently-asked questions, community and families resources, health and wellness PSAs, and more.

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  • Elementary building project

    Elementary building project

    As Bellefonte Area School District looks to the future and considers its elementary building plan, Hunt architects and engineers will conduct an initial needs assessment of the four buildings to help the school board and district better decide on the best final option for the project that could include a consolidation of schools, new structure, renovation of existing buildings or combination of options.

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  • Employee Spotlight

    Employee Spotlight

    The Employee Spotlight features faculty and staff from Bellefonte Area School District. Organized by district Public Relations Director Brit Milazzo, in partnership with the human resources department, the goal is to promote the people who make the district. Each season, an employee from the district’s administration, professional staff and support staff are randomly chosen for the feature.

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  • IDEA Hub

    IDEA Hub

    At Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology, the IDEA Hub is space designed for middle and high school students from Bald Eagle, Bellefonte and Penns Valley area school districts, and aims to provide resources and support for students after school and during the summer to enhance their ideas that promote innovation, design, entrepreneurship and action.

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  • LinkedIn blog series

    LinkedIn blog series

    Bellefonte Area School District had the privilege to partner with LinkedIn to provide our district and community with a blog series that could help in their future work endeavors. Read this five-part series to learn more about job tips, interview skills, resume building and how to use LinkedIn to promote yourself.

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  • Red Raider magazine

    Red Raider magazine

    Red Raider magazine is a publication that highlights Bellefonte Area School District. With a circulation of about 13,000, it is distributed to each household within the district, twice a year. It can also be found online.

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  • Red Raiders podcast

    Red Raiders podcast

    Red Raiders Podcast gives updates about what’s happening at Bellefonte Area School District, from the people who are part of it. Hosted by the district's public relations director, she regularly invites guests from within the school district to discuss topics that affect our community and schools.

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  • Special Education

    Special Education

    Special education at Bellefonte Area School District provides a compilation of services designed to meet needs of students who have disabilities. There are 13 disability categories that students can have – including a combination of those – and receive service based on their disability area to accommodate that while they’re in public school.

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  • Student meal accounts

    Student meal accounts

    The district's food service department is offering the public the option to help fund student meals. It’s an initiative encouraged during the holidays, but also one that lasts throughout the year.

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  • Videos


    In addition to articles, podcasts, photos, news stories and more, we also have videos of activities and events within Bellefonte Area School District.

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  • 9/11


    In this section, you can learn more about how Bellefonte Area School District remembers the events of Sept. 11, 2001. It includes information on a Class of 1993 graduate who lost his life in the attack on the Pentagon, what faculty and staff remember about that day and how it has impacted education in the 21st century.

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  • #IAmDowntownBellefonte


    Bellefonte Area School District annually partners with professor Renea Nichols from the Bellisario College of Communications at Penn State that sponsors a free summer digital storytelling workshop for students who work on communication and public relations projects that help them connect with the community.

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