• Reams Station
    (August 24-25)
    On August 24, Union troops moved south along the Weldon Railroad, destroying the tracks, preceded by Gregg’s cavalry division. On August 25, the Confederates attacked and overran the Union position at Ream’s Station, capturing many prisoners and almost entire units. The Union withdrew to the main line near the Jerusalem Plank Road, they were disappointed about the declining combat effectiveness of his troops.
    About 2,747 Union casualties, and 814 Confederate casualties.
    After reams Station the cavalry fought a couple of skirmishes and then was involved in Battle of Peebles' Farm.
    Battle of Peebles' Farm
    September 30-October 2 
    General Grant combined forces with other Union Generals to make his left flank bigger, and cut the Confederate lines of communication in the southwest of Petersburg. Four corps divisions and a cavalry division was put on this mission. On September 30th, the Union marched through the Poplar Springs Church in order to reach Squirrel Level and Vaughan Roads. The the first attack was successful at over running Fort Archer, which in turn flanked the Confederates out of their Squirrel Level Road line. More Confederate troops came to reinforce the others, this slowed down the Union. On October 1st, the Union fought back the counter attack by the Confederates. On October 2nd When Union reinforcements came the Union started their advance again. They captured Fort MacRae which was defended lightly and and it extended their left flank to about Pleebles' Farms. With this success Meade didn't want to push his luck so he suspended the offensive.A new line was entrenched from the Weldon Railroad to Pegrams farm.
    About 2,889 Union casualties, and 1,239 Confederate casualties.
    Boydton Plank Road
    October 27-28
    More than 3,000 men withdrew from the siege on Petersburg and marched west to Boydton Plank Road and South Side Railroad. They completed their campaign objective when they marched onto Boydton Plank Road. That afternoon on October 27th a counter attack near Burgess' Mill by the Confederates, they isolated the Union and forced them to retreat the Confederates had control for the rest of the winter.
    About 1,758 Union casualties, and 13,000 Confederate casualties. 
    Stony Creek Raid
    November 7-December 1
    They first scouted the area in November and on December they attacked. The Stony Creek station was attacked because it was used to transport supplies to the Confederates in Petersburg during the siege.
    About 200 Union casualties. 

    Reams Station