• PowerSchool Introduction
    We provide access to the Parent Portal for grades K - 12.


    NOTE: Please ignore the "Create Account" function on the login page, it is not being used by our district.
    Access to the Parent Portal will typically be activated two weeks before the start of school.
    To access the Parent Portal please click on the "Parent Portal" quick link at the top righthand corner of the screen.

    Parents and guardians of students in the Bellefonte Area High School, Bellefonte Area Middle School and Elementary Schools grades K - 5 are able to view student progress through the PowerSchool Parent Portal. PowerSchool is our student information management system and is used to create student class schedules, take attendance, store grades, produce transcripts, report cards, and more. PowerSchool brings together teachers, students, parents and administrators in an easily used web-based data system. PowerSchool, and the parent portal, may be accessed from any place with Internet access.

    NOTE: Access to the Parent Portal is a privilege and not a right. Abuse of the program can result in the loss of this privilege.

    To access your students information you must complete and sign the "Bellefonte Area School District Parent Portal Acceptable Use Policy"
    You can mail, fax, or drop off, the form to your child's guidance office.
    Note: If you have children in both schools only one form is required and it can be sent to either school.
    For grades 9 - 12 send your form to:
    Bellefonte Area High School
     Attn: High School Guidance
     830 East Bishop Street
     Bellefonte, PA 16823
     Phone: (814) 355-4833 x8520
     Fax: (814) 357-2402
    For grades K - 8 send your form to:
    Bellefonte Area Middle School
     Attn: Middle School Guidance
     100 North School Street
     Bellefonte, PA 16823
     Phone: (814) 355-5466 x5006
     Fax: (814) 353-2414

    A letter will be mailed to you with your login information. Login IDs and passwords will not be given out over the phone, or in an email, to protect the confidentiality of your son/daughters information. Parents must sign and return the BASD Parent Portal Acceptable Use Policy prior to receiving your login information. If you did not receive, or you lose your username and password, please contact the guidance office at your child's school.
    This web site is designed to guide parents/guardians through accessing information available within PowerSchool. Here you will find answers to many common questions regarding the PowerSchool system. Choose a topic on the left, or browse through all the topics.
    Some notes about attendance codes:

    UNV and UTD. We've been receiving a large number of calls concerning the attendance information. The main questions concern the UNV and UTD codes.
    The UNV (Unverified) code is used to identify an Unverified absence, meaning at the time of attendance the teacher does not have an identified reason for the students absence. If a student is absent for an entire day then they are marked UNV for the entire day. The code will be updated when the school receives an excuse for the absence. If a student is marked UNV for a period or more, it can mean a number of things. The student may have left early or arrived late, or the student might have gone to another room or might not have gone to the class altogether. This is our way of tracking where students are throughout the day. 

    A UTD (Unexcused Tardy) code is used to identify a student that is late for school or late for a class. We would encourage you to talk with your child about the event before contacting the school.

    Please Note: It may take a day or two for the attendance office to get the records updated in the system.  Please check with the student first and if there is a concern then please have the student contact the teacher or attendance office.