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    Athletic Director:
    Deb Moore, MAA, CAA
    (814) 355-4833 ext. 8164
    EMAIL: athleticdirector@basd.net
    Athletic Trainers
    (814) 355-4833 ext. 8161
    EMAIL: athletictrainer@basd.net
    Head Athletic Trainer:
    Ryan Knight MS, LAT, ATC
    Associate Athletic Trainer:
    Shana Bogert MS, LAT, ATC
    Graduate Assistant:
    Kassandra Ferdinand LAT, ATC

    Spring Parents meeting - Tuesday, Feb. 25th - HS Cafeteria 6:00 PM

    PIAA Section 6 

    PLANETHS - Spring Sports Physical Directions and Help Sheet 


    Use this link and follow the directions PlanetHS help sheet to set up your account.  


    NOTE:  All physical information should be entered by Monday, February 24th, 2020 to be added to the roster in time for the first day of Spring sports 3/2/2020.  Failure to meet the deadline will delay possible participation on that day.

    *Please Follow these directions


    • Use your BASD email and school password to create an account. This ensures that the Athletic Office can help you if you forget your password.

    • Make sure you send a link invite to your parents. This can be a phone number or email. Email is an easier route to go. 

    Repeat Athletes:

    • Need to complete section 1,2,3,4,5 and 7 on PlanetHS. 

    • Sections 1,2,3,4, and 7 will say complete once you fill in the information.

    • Section 5 will say Pending Staff Approval once you fill in the information. Once the Athletic Training Staff approves section 5 it will say complete.

    • Section 6 will say incomplete and for this season it will remain as incomplete. The Athletic Trainers have your section 6 form in a paper copy.  (Use the links at the bottom to move to the other forms.)

    • Section 8 - will always be listed as incomplete unless there was an illness/injury post physical date that your student-athlete would have to be cleared again for participation.  You would take the physical note and upload to Section 8 to notify the Athletic Training office that your son/daughter is now cleared to resume participation. You do not need to fill out section 8 unless you were injured for a significant amount of time. Contact the Athletic Trainers at  athletictrainer@basd.netif you have questions about section 8.

    • Continue to the demo, emergency (*), risk, injury, and return to play forms and complete them.   

    Non-Repeat Athletes: (Athletes who haven't played a sport yet during the 2019-2020 school year) 

    • Need to complete section 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 on PlanetHS

    • Sections 1,2,3, and 4 will say complete once you fill in the information.

    • Section 5  will say Pending Staff Approval once you fill in the information. Once the Athletic Training Staff approves section 5 it will say complete.

    • Section 6 will say Pending Staff Approval once you upload the form from the doctor office. Once the Athletic Training Staff approves section 6 it will say complete.

    • Section 7 and 8, you do not need to fill out these sections. They will say incomplete and that is fine.

    • Continue and complete the demo, emergency (*), risk, injury, and return to play forms.   

    *Consent for Emergency Form: When entering the end date under if the student is covered by insurance make sure you enter a date that is after the season your student plans to participate in. 

    *If you lose your place or get lost in the forms all you need to do is go back and select a form, click on the Athletic Forms and Scroll to the bottom of the page. Links and status of all of the forms are located there. They do not need to be completed in order.

    NOTE:  All physical information should be entered by Monday, February 24th, 2020 to be added to the roster in time for the first day of Spring sports 3/2/2020.  Failure to meet the deadline will delay possible participation on that day.

    Spring Sports Physical UPDATE:

    The MS meeting for the potential spring sports athletes has been set for Tuesday, Feb. 11 during tutorial.  All student-athletes will set up an account and invite their parents to join.  Please bring your chromebook and your parents email or cell number.


    Attention all BAHS Athletes:

    On March 2nd, 2020, the student-athletes for the Bellefonte Area High School are invited to take a field trip to one of the District Elementary Schools to read to the students in celebration of Dr. Seuss.  Student-athletes are asked to wear some apparel to promote their BAHS sport. Student-athletes who sign up and return the permission slip to the Athletic Office by February 17th will check into home room on the morning of Monday, March 2 and will be dismissed after home room to catch the bus to their respective Elementary schools.  Lunch will be provided by the Elementary schools and a bus will return you to the HS by 2:30 PM.  Space is limited so those who fill out the form and return the permission slip will be considered first for the trip. Use this link to sign up and print permission slip. 


    Spring 2020 Sports Physicals

    All spring sports physicals will be submitted through Planet HS, an online form collection program that is associated with our athletic scheduling program.

    All potential spring student-athletes will meet during the tutorial period on Tuesday, February 4th to set up their account.  CPI students will meet during homeroom on February 5th.  Student-athletes must bring their Chromebook.  Once the student-athlete has an account they will invite their parents to join. Students will need to bring their parents' email address and/or cell phone number.


    The only form that you will need will be the PIAA section 6 of the physical packet.  This form must be taken to your Primary Care Physician or the equivalent.  Once signed, you will log into your account and either scan or take a photo to upload to the PlanetHS Bellefonte Area High School page. 


    A link to a letter with more details will follow when the site is up and running by next Tuesday, Feb. 4th.




    The BASD Athletic Department recognizes and congratulates...

    Congratulations to Brock Port -- What a season, what a career! Best of luck as you continue to wrestle for LHU.
    Congratulations to the Boys' and Girls' Swim Teams on a successful 2016-2017 Season.
    girls' swimming    boys' swimming
    Girls' placed 10th and Boys' placed 2nd. 
    District 6 Champions - Brian Feldman, Ian Lowery, Zachariah Malinich, and Dmitry Wall.
    For complete results go to Swimming page
    Four Seniors sign to continue their education and playing time on the college level!
    Signing Ceremony 

    Four Bellefonte Area High School Students recently signed their letters of intent to continue both their academic and athletic endeavors on the college level.  Tara Baney will head to Bloomsburg University to play softball and study Exercise Physiology; Logan Mathieu swings his way down to Virginia to attend Liberty University to play baseball and study Psychology; Tanner Helms continues to roll as a Raider at Shippensburg University playing baseball with an undeclared major; and Brock Port will maneuver his way to Lock Haven University studying Criminal Justice and Psychology as he wrestles for the Bald Eagles.  Congratulations to these student-athletes for their success both in the classroom and athletics.  ROLL ON!

     Fall 2016 Mountain League All Stars!
     Fall 2016 Mt. League All-Stars
    CROSS COUNTRY - Amber Shirey and Brett Pope 
    BOYS SOCCER - MVP - Wilson Miller; 1st Team - Alex Horner, Noah Gaus; 2nd Team - Mitchell Shutika, Daniel Catchmark
    GIRLS' GOLF - 1st Team- Cassandra Vogel
    GIRLS' SOCCER -  MVP - Alana Masullo; 1st Team - Mallorie Smith, Hannah Robb; 2nd Team - Gabbie Pighetti
    VOLLEYBALL - 1st Team - Chloe Thompson; 2nd Team - Abbie Carr  
     Fall 2016 FB Mt League All-Stars
    OFFENSE - 1st Team - Tanner Helms, TE; Tyler Kreger, Athlete
    2nd Team - Luke Lambert, Tackle; Cade Fortney, Wide Receiver; Dexter Gallishaw, Running Back 
    DEFENSE - 1st Team - Eli Lipscomb, D Line
    2nd Team - Stephen Kutches, Linebacker; Dylan Deitrich, D-back; Tyler Kreger, D-back; Cade Fortney, D-back 
     Fall 2016 Boys Soccer Team are the Mountain League Champions! Congratulations!
     2016 PIAA AAA State Champions
    State Champions 
    Both Softball and Baseball bring home District 6 Championships! Congrats to ALL!
     Baseball District 6 Champions
     Softball District 6 Champions
     Four Seniors commit to furthering both their academic and athletics careers. 
     Seniors Signing 
     Morgan Brooks - Penn College - Soccer
    Bryce Steiner - Mansfield University - Track and Field
    Olivia Spratt - Indiana University of PA - Track and Field
    Jessica Book - Grove City - Soccer and Basketball 

    It's a 4-PETE!!!!
    The BASD Fall Athletic Teams captured its 4th consecutive Fall Summit Award for 2015-2016
    sponsored by the Centre Daily Times.
    Mountain League announces and honors its Fall All-Stars!
    2015 Fall Mountain League All Stars 
    BOYS SOCCER: First Team - Nate Shippe and Joe Sheckler; Second Team - Dion Furfaro and Ben Herr.
    GIRLS SOCCER: First Team - Morgan Brooks and Madisen Paige; Second Team - Hannah Robb
    VOLLEYBALL: First Team - Chloe Thompson
    GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY: First Team - Anya Hoaglund  
    BOYS CROSS COUNTRY: First Team - Mike O'Donnell and Brett Pope
    BOYS GOLF: First Team - Darren Heeman
    GIRLS GOLF: First Team - Kady Stodler and Paige Urban; and Most Valuable Player Emily Sinclair.
    GIRLS GOLF: Mountain League Champions!
    BELLEFONTE Fall Athletic teams combined for a win percentage of .607 capturing the Fall Summit Award sponsored by the Centre Daily Times.

    Congrats to Kyler Mellott and Dom Masullo for signing their letters to continue their academic and baseball careers at Clarion and Morehead, respectively.
    Dom and Kyler

    Thanks to Dion Fufaro for completing 6 benches for the student athletes at the MS field and Rogers Stadium! 
    (Dion (center) with his delivery crew Josh and Noah) 
    Dion Benches