• Location:
    310 North Allegheny Street (behind BASD Central Office)
    Barb Schaeffer: bschaeff@basd.net
    Renae Eger: reger@basd.net
    Phone: Ext. 3101
    Monday - Friday, 7:00 am to 4:00 pm
    Directions for Sending A Copy Request by Email

    1.  Click
    copycenter@basd.net to open a new mail message addressed to the copy center.

    2.  Add the file(s) to be copied to the message as an attachment (Insert > File or click paperclip icon in Outlook).

    3.  Include the following information when sending a copy job by email (copy and paste into email message).

         If all required information is not included, the request will be returned.

    Date Needed:
    One Side/Two Sides:
    Number of Originals:
    Number of copies per Original:
    Collate (ex. 1,2,3):
    Collate and Stapled:
    Three Hole Punched:
    Uncollated (ex. Groups of #1, Groups of #2):
    Special Instructions: