1.    Every Player is responsible for keeping their equipment locked in secured at all times.

    2.    Every player is responsible for washing all practice equipment and game jersey and pants each week.

    3.    Notify a coach or trainer if you are injured.

    4.    If you need to see a trainer for taping or treatment, do it immediately after school. Seeing the trainer should not make you late for practice.

    5.    Each player is expected to run on and off the field at practice and games.

    6.    Helmets will be worn anytime we step on either the game or practice field. Do not remove your helmet until you are entirely off the field. This is a safety issue.

    7.    Locker rooms will be kept clean at all times. Personal belongings, trash, and equipment should not be left on the floor. If you see something on the floor pick it up. Respect your school.

    8.    You are responsible for your equipment. I f you lose it you will pay for it to be replaced. Keep all equipment secured at all times. 
Last Modified on December 1, 2014