6th Grade Health – Ms. Carra 

     A.    What You Need For Class:

    1.    Chromebook

    2.    Folder with pockets (provided by teacher, if needed)

    3.    Pencil

    ** Daily points will be deducted for not being prepared and on task

     B.    How To Behave In Class:

    1.     Follow school-wide rules at all times.

    • Be Respectful
    • Be Kind
    • Be Safe
    • Be Here, Be Ready

     C.     Grading:

    1.     Grades are based on total possible points.  Each assignment has a point value.  Progress reports will be mailed home halfway through each marking period, only if the student has a D or lower

    2.    Assignments are due on the specified due date for full credit.  Assignments accepted after the due date for a reduced grade.

    D.    Absences:

    1.     If absent, it is the student’s responsibility to obtain any missed notes or assignments.  The student will not be excused from a quiz/test because they were not responsible for getting the notes.

    E.     How To Get Help In Health Class:

    1.     Talk to the teacher before/after class/visit the teacher’s office in the locker room.

    2.    Ask another student in your class.

    3.    E-mail teacher at kcarra@basd.net

    4.    Visit teacher’s web site on basd.net

    • Click on faculty
    • Click on Kathy Carra
    • Click on 6th grade Health