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    Everyday Mathematics goal

    The goal of the Everyday Mathematics program -- implemented in kindergarten through fifth-grade at Bellefonte Area School District -- is to significantly improve the math curriculum and instruction offered to students.

    Assessment in Everyday Mathematics

    Throughout Everyday Mathematics, teachers have many opportunities to collect information about a child's abilities. The purpose of gathering this information is to see how the child's mathematical understanding is progressing, and provide the teacher with feedback about the child's instructional needs. The process of collecting information to track a child's progress, and making decisions about how and what to teach is known as assessment. The assessment plan for Everyday Mathematics is an essential part of the mathematics program at the elementary level.

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    Success stories

    Backed by years of research and experience, Everyday Mathematics is dedication to helping children learn math. Everyday Mathematics has been proven trough the actual stories listed on this website: Success stories

    Everyday Mathematics in action

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