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    35th Reunion Planning!

    The first planning meeting is being held at Home D on September 9th at 6pm. 

    If you have any questions, please contact Elizabeth (Ivicic) Lingenfelter: email Elizabeth.


    CHALLENGE!!!!  We are in great need of contributions to the BAHS Class of 1985 Memorial Award!  Please give any amount you can to help fund this very worthy scholarship. For more information, please go to our Memorial Award/Scholarship page.  Steve Ramos has offered a challenge:  "I'm challenging my classmates right now on social media right now. One dollar for each year so $30 buck a person shouldn't be a stretch for some....I'm kicking this off with $100...let's see how much we can raise."  To meet Steve's challenge, please contact George Tedrow.


    Passings:  Richard Macialek passed away on March 31, 2019 in Tunkannock, PA.  You may read his obituary here.
    Susan (Tate) Packer passed away on May 5, 2019.  Her obituary may be found here.
    I was just notified of the passing of David Crust, who passed away December 9, 2017.  His obituary may be found here.
    Please keep all their families and friends in your thoughts and hearts.
    Updates (as of Jan. '19): 
    • Tammy (Bonchack) Strouse updated her profile to add her two new grandchildren! Congrats Tammy!
    • Sue (Dobson) Eisenhauer updated her entire profile.
    • Wayne and Nancy (Snook) Fishburn have updated their profiles with new information about their (six!) kids and added a new grandchild! Congrats Wayne & Nancy!
    • Janet (Lonsdale) Nurkiewicz has updated information about her husband and children.
    • Christine (Roth) Akiyoshi has moved to Napa, CA and updated education information about her children. 
    • Terri (Rupert) Kostka has updated her profile with a job change and information about her daughter.
    • Wendy (Wadsworth) LeVan has moved to Norfolk, VA.
    A lot has happened in the last three years - marriages, grandchildren, new jobs, retirements, etc.
    Please drop us a line and let us know! 
    Email and profile updates go to Wendy. Snail mail and phone number changes go to Elizabeth.


    NEW PICTURES!...  None at this time! Look through them all on our Photos page.
    If you have any pictures from high school or any of the reunions, please email them to me in .jpg format with the information that you would like to be shared.  (Remember privacy!  Don't share pictures of other people if you don't have their permission!  This is a publicly assessible website.)  If you have a LOT of pictures, please put them on a CD or memory stick.  Email me for more information.
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