• Bellefonte Elementary School
    Directory of Services

    Regular Education Program - There are four sections in each grade, K - 5. The Language Arts and Mathematics curricula are based on the Pennsylvania Academic Standards. The Science and Social Studies curricula are based on national standards. Instruction is geared toward meeting diverse student needs.

    Title 1 Reading Program - The program provides support services in reading for students in grades 1 - 5. Two Reading Specialists and two aides work closely with the student's classroom reading teacher to provide services for students within the child's classroom or Title 1 resource room.

    Library Services - Together, a librarian and library clerk are available everyday for the entire faculty, staff and students to use for research. Every class is scheduled one session per week to learn library resource skills and to encourage reading.

    Classroom Guidance - The guidance counselor provides structured, age-appropriate developmental guidance lessons for all students in grades 1 to 5. The counselor also coordinates with the teachers lessons on topics such as: self esteem, peer relationships, decision making, career awareness, understanding and communicating feelings and study skills. The total program is designed to develop skills needed to cope with life stresses and to prevent crisis situations.
    Individual and Group Guidance Counseling - The Guidance Counselor is available five days each week for providing individual and small group counseling and consultation with teachers or peers. The counselor coordinates with outside agencies when needed.

    Child Study Team - Parents and professionals work together to increase student accountability by providing successful learning environments for each student. The process includes team building, problem solving, diagnosing student needs, behavior management, curriculum-based assessment/management, classroom observation, adapting techniques/materials, and individualizing instruction/materials.

    Health Services - A certified school nurse evaluates, assesses, and intervenes with the health and education related problems of school children. The nurse is directly involved with curriculum planning, health screenings, referrals and care of fragile children. The nurse maintains health and dental records on each child in the school and administers medication and first aid.
    PATHS - The PATHS (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies) Curriculum is a program for educators and counselors designed to facilitate the development of self-control, emotional awareness, peer relations, and interpersonal problem-solving skills. PATHS is used for students in grades K-5.

    Related Education Services - Certified teachers also teach Art, Music, Health, Physical Education, and String/Band Instruments.

    Programs for Special Needs of Students
    The Bellefonte Area School District provides a wide variety of programs to meet the needs of eligible and exceptional students. Programs are either operated by the district or provided by contract with the Central Intermediate Unit # 10 or neighboring districts. The district conducts screening to identify students who are thought to be in need of special education. State and federal laws and regulations outline parents' rights and safeguards to be allowed in providing a free and appropriate education. Copies of rights and confidentiality issues are provided when the evaluation process begins.

    Learning Support - The program offers learning support of academic skills in the regular classroom. The focus is on delivering specially designed instruction that targets the strengths and needs of the student. The regular education teacher is supported by a teacher certified in Special Education and by classroom aides.

    Gifted Support - The program provides students with mentally challenging activities in a small group setting. Services are provided by a certified teacher in a separate classroom.
    Speech and/or Language Support - A Certified Therapist provides screening, assessment, therapy, and consultation to those individuals requiring articulation language, fluency, and voice services, as identified through the Child Study Team process.

    Educational Psychological Services - A certified School Psychologist assesses and evaluates various students to determine the most appropriate placement. A variety of assessment techniques are used. The Psychologist also participates in the Child Study Team process.