•  Hello students and parents,

    I hope you are doing well.

    Please join the google classroom for your section

    7-1: kfqatih    

    7-2: lgvsjqu

    7-6: azira5m

    7-7: wvvdo64

    I will send the zoom code & log in information out via google classroom about 15 minutes before the session is to begin. Each week I will rotate the day each section will meet.  Also included are instructions in case you have trouble logging in. 

    Log of classroom meetings 

    Office hour/ Zoom meeting times:    Monday 8-9 am    Tuesday 2-3 pm     Wednesday 8-9 am    Thursday 2-3 pm 

    Last Updated:  4/15/ 2020


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    5/4- 5/8

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    5/11- 5/15

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    5/18- 5/22

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    M 4/13- 3

    T 4/21

    W 4/29

    Th 5/4

    M 5/11

    T 5/19

    W 5/27

    Th 6/4



    T 4/14- 11

    W 4/22

    Th 4/30

    M 5/1

    T 5/12

    W 5/20

    Th 5/28

    M 6/1



    W 4/15- 5

    Th 4/23

    M 4/27

    T 5/2

    W 5/13

    Th 5/21

    *F 5/29

    T 6/2



    Th 4/16- 11

    M 4/20

    T 4/28

    W 5/3

    Th 5/14

    M 5/18

    T 5/26

    W 6/3


    Special Notes and Kahoot topics




     Protein Synthesis


    Cell Cycle or Macro-molecules 


    *Monday is a holiday so we will Zoom Friday 8-9 am

    Bacteria & Viruses


    Office hour/ Zoom meeting times:    Monday 8-9 am    Tuesday 2-3 pm     Wednesday 8-9 am    Thursday 2-3 pm                                             

    I hope you are trying some of the activities.  Please share your work so I can see how well you are doing.  

    Also, if you haven't checked out the menu of activities shared for grades 6 & 8- please do.  These will be great review and enrichment for you to try.

     As of right now the 3rd marking period grades are recorded. Remember the 3rd marking period ended March 11th. No additional work    was  excepted,  this includes extra credit. I am sorry for this unforseen deadline.

    We have not heard about the 4th marking period or final year end grade yet. If you completed or submitted extra credit after March 11, I can not accept it for the 3rd marking period but I can possibly apply it to the 4th marking period- although this has not been determined yet. 

    For now, I am only allowed to provide my students with science links they can explore. No new academic learning is to be taking place and I am not to send out any new resources.  I am allowed to have  my 3rd marking period HW links active since that is where we were when we left school.  I also activated my 1st and 2nd marking period HW links so students can review past learning units.   I am seeking information about possibly opening up my 4th marking period HW page for students to use as ENRICHMENT- none of it will be required or graded.  I will let you know if I get the OK for this.

    I am also allowed to share the links below. Exploring these links is NOT required work.  If you CHOOSE to look at the links & do some of the activities please know I will NOT be grading anything.  If / when we do go back to school- we will resume where we left off.  

     IF you have any questions, if links are not working or you just want to check in...

    My contact information:   

    email: jcrisan@basd.net    (Upon seeing your email - I will reply ASAP)    

    Please, continue to be safe, practice social distancing and be hopeful that we return to school soon. 

    The links below contains some online learning sites to explore.   You may also want to explore the links on other BAMS science teacher's pages (Gregor, Tucker, D'Ambrosia, Caruso & Nye) since we have all be busy looking for interesting science activities and projects for you to use while at home.

    *** note: some links may not work with your computer.  

    Covid 19 Resources for online learning 

    Study Jams

    Science topics for continued studies