• Welcome to the 2019-2020, Bellefonte Middle School
    6th Grade, White Team, Social Studies,
    Mrs. Kerr's Class, Room 411!
    My Contact Information:
    814-355-5466 ext. 5411
    I will return all emails and phone calls within 24 hours unless received on a weekend. 

    Hi Parents and Students,

     We are almost finished with the first marking period! Can you believe it??

    The biggest thing I think my students need to work on to improve their experience is their organizational skills. Please encourage your child to keep their binders and lockers organized. Please have them bring them home periodically and go through them together. Please also go through your child's backpack together weekly. These become garbage bags way too often. The best thing to do is to help organize loose papers by subject area and have the student go through them with the subject teacher. With the new marking period, I am hoping students will pick up the baton and begin to come to class prepared with the materials they need and lose fewer papers!

    I am working on creating an additional site on which to post class information. If you would like to check it out so far, please click the link below. Mrs. Kerr's Class

    Stay tuned,
    Mrs. Kerr