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Mr. Nye

Welcome to 8th grade science for the 2021-2022 school year. My name is Mr. Nye. Please check out the Google Classroom pages for information about assignments and other important information.

You will need to take notes during class either on a Google Doc on on paper. If you choose to use paper and pencil, you will need a notebook and a writing utensil for science class.


8th Grade Science Overview

Lots of experiments, demonstrations, and hands-on activities

Challenging curriculum primarily consisting mostly of physics and chemistry

Grade is based upon total points (see syllabus for more information)

Learning will be assessed with classwork, quizzes (via ConnectEd), tests (via ConnectEd), lab reports (Google Docs), and projects/presentations

NO HOMEWORK! You may have to finish an assignment if you were absent or didn't finish in class, but you will be given plenty of class time to complete your assignments assuming you are on-task.

Quiz and Test Re-takes (Quiz- Half the points back if grade improved; Test- Up to 5 points added onto original test grade if grade improved)

Skills Class (1st half of the year- Technology and Metric System; 2nd half- PSSA preparation).