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    As Bellefonte Area School District looks to the future and considers its elementary building plan, Hunt architects and engineers will conduct an initial needs assessment of the four buildings to help the school board and district better decide on the best final option for the project that could include a consolidation of schools, new structure, renovation of existing buildings or combination of options. In this plan, public feedback is encouraged from community members and stakeholders. In 2019, members of the public joined the school board and district in a series of listening meetings held January, February and March where information was presented about probable options, and then public input was provided. A list of frequently-asked questions was compiled from the meetings with responses available on the district website.

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    • Sept. 14, 2021: Building project narrowed down to three options
      • The district, with a final school board decision, is continuing to look into its proposed elementary school project with options that would leave potentially no tax increase on residents. Working with Hunt, an upstate New York-based engineering firm, seven options were narrowed down to three that would fit within the district's goal financially and infrastructurally.
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