• Transportation

    Safety is an issue of critical importance in regard to school bus transportation. Appropriate behavior of students goes a long way to ensure the safety of those on the bus and of others in its proximity. Bus drivers have the same authority as school personnel and in order to enforce safety and social standards, they will determine the degree of talking and activity permissible. Riding the bus is a privilege, not a right. Any violation of bus rules will result in disciplinary action. Serious and/or continued violations may result in students being banned from riding the bus, thus requiring parents to provide alternative transportation to school.

    Another issue of safety is to ensure that students are being transported to their home or another parent/guardian designated location. Students will not be permitted to ride an alternate bus to or from school without approval from the Director of Transportation. If an emergency situation is approved by the Transportation office, a Bus Boarding Pass will be issued. This pass is signed by a building administrator and given to the student by the end of the school day. Students must present the Bus Boarding Pass to the driver of the alternative bus upon entering. Absence of a pass will prohibit the student from riding an alternative bus. Requests to ride an alternate bus can only be permitted if seats are available on that bus.

    The school district’s bus policy is made available at the beginning of each year to parents and students when bus routes are announced. Students and parents should familiarize themselves with this policy to ensure safe travel to and from school. For questions or concerns about transportation, contact Karen Moore at 814-355-4812, ext 3033 or by email at kmoore@basd.net

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