• Homework

    Homework is viewed as a critical part of the school experience at the Bellefonte Area Middle School. It’s expected that students will complete 100% of their homework every day.

    Performance suffers when homework is neglected, and in turn, grades suffer, as well. Failure to complete homework may prompt a meeting with parents to develop a homework plan, or result in placement in a before-school or after-school homework program. More seriously, a continued refusal to complete homework may contribute to the need to repeat classes the following year or attend summer school.

    Board Policy 130 addresses homework.  The policy states that homework assigned each day should not exceed the ten (10) minutes per grade level guideline. For example, in grade 6, homework should not take longer than sixty (60) minutes to complete. If you find that your child is struggling to complete homework assignments within the recommended time frame, please contact the teachers on your child’s team.