• Academic Eligibility Guidelines

    The academic eligibility requirements are applicable to all students in the extracurricular program in grades 6 through 12 in the Bellefonte Area School District.

    1. To be eligible for participation in extracurricular activities, a student must be enrolled as a full-time student pursuing a minimum four-year program as outlined in the Bellefonte Area High School Program of Studies or a full-time middle school student pursuing minimal standards for promotion.
    2. Eligibility shall be cumulative from beginning of a grading period and shall be reported on a weekly basis as outlined by the Bellefonte Code of Conduct and the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA).
    3. A student is ineligible to participate if any of the following categories apply:
      • They are currently failing or has failed two or more courses (high school, middle school).
      • They are not passing a minimum of five (5) credits or credit equivalent.
      • A student carrying less than five (5) total credits must be passing all classes.
      • They are not eligible to be promoted to the next grade.
    4. The weekly ineligibility begins on the Monday of each week and lasts for seven days. The ineligible student will report to academic tutorial after school Monday through Thursday with materials to study and prepare for class(es).
    5. If the student has failed to meet the requirements mentioned above, at the end of the week, one additional week will be added to the subsequent penalty until all requirements have been met.
    6. Any student who is not meeting the academic eligibility requirements – as outlined in letter C above – at the end of a marking period, semester, or school year, or who is not eligible for promotion to the next grade level, will not be eligible for the first fifteen (15) days of the next marking period, beginning on the first day that report cards are issued.
    7. Ineligibility established in June will carry over into the next school year.
    8. Students in BeLA, Home School and the like adhere to these guidelines and all parameters of school board policy for eligibility.

    Students should look at the BAMS School Handbook for more information about eligibility requirements.