• School Hours

    Our student day begins at 8:00 am and ends at 3:15 pm. Students should plan to arrive to school by 7:55 am. This will allow for ample time to gather any materials for the day prior to the beginning of homeroom.

    School Arrival Procedures:

    • The school doors open at 7:00 am. Students will not be permitted in the building prior to this time.
    • The main doors will be locked promptly at 8:00. Any students entering after this time will be marked as late to school. 
    • As students arrive in the morning, they should report directly to the cafeteria or to the gym hallway.
    • Students who have secured a pass from the appropriate teacher may go to only those classrooms using the most direct route from the front entrance.
    • Students are not permitted to go to their lockers until 7:55 AM.
    • Students are permitted to use their cell phones until 7:55 AM, but they must be locked in their locker and turned off after this time, prior to the start of the daily schedule.

    School Dismissal Procedures:

    • School is dismissed at 3:15 PM each day.
    • At dismissal, students that ride a bus will go to their designated area (cafeteria or auditorium). Students who ride the first four buses to arrive will be dismissed directly to their buses while the other students go to their assigned bus table to wait.
    • Certain buses numbers will be directed to the auditorium and called down after the cafeteria has dismissed a significant number of buses.
    • Students that walk or are getting picked up by an adult should exit the front of the building. Students who walk home or are transported by parents are expected to vacate the school grounds as soon as school is dismissed.