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    Rogers Stadium construction and renovation project

    Rogers Stadium podcasts

    To listen to the podcasts about Rogers Stadium construction and renovations, visit these links: Part 1 (June 20, 2018), Part 2 (July 17, 2018), Part 3 (Sept. 7, 2018), Part 4 (Oct. 23, 2018), Part 5 (July 29, 2019). To hear more about the Capital Campaign established to help fund the project, listen to the podcast, here: Capital Campaign

    Virtual video tour

    See virtual video tour of Rogers Stadium as of Aug. 8, 2019: Rogers Stadium tour

    Light up the Field

    To learn more about the inaugural three-night Light up the Field event, visit this link: Light up the Field

    Facility dedications

    The track at Rogers Stadium has been named the Jeremy Herbstritt and Lt. Jonas Martin Panik U.S. Navy Memorial Track. Read more about the dedication, here: https://www.basd.net/Page/14140. Parts of the facility, have also been named in honor of longtime coach Dave Schaub: https://www.basd.net/Page/14213.

    Rogers Stadium budget talk

    Our budget talk series includes a video with Director of Fiscal Affairs Ken Bean about the cost of Rogers Stadium. It can be found, here: https://www.basd.net/Page/14192.

    General information

    To read the district's article on original Rogers Stadium plans, visit this link: Rogers Stadium project (April 24, 2018). To read about Phase 2 updates, visit this link: Phase 2 of Rogers Stadium (June 1, 2019).

    Rogers Stadium Phase 2 construction progress report No. 2, May 22, 2019

    *Please see photo galleries below from phases 1 and 2

    Updated Aug. 17, 2019

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