Welcome to my webpage!
     Name: Kaysey Beury
     Grade/Subject: English 9
     Email: kbeury@basd.net
     Phone: ext. 8127
    Hello! My name is Miss Beury and I teach 6 sections of English 9 here at the high school. In the past I have also taught 8th grade English in Virginia and the Creative Writing course here at BAHS.
    I completed a Master's program in Higher Education at Penn State and am very passionate about learning and education in general.  I love to do outdoor activities such as kayaking, and I also enjoy reading whenever I can find a free moment. One of my favorite novels is one that many parents might have read called The Outsiders.  English 9's focus is on what it means to "come of age" since moving from middle to high school is a big transition for many students. I am looking forward to working with a new group of students this year and am equally excited to work through our content which includes written assessments and reading classic titles such as To Kill a Mockingbird and Romeo and Juliet. We have added some modern texts to our curriculum as well including Every Falling Star (academic and honors), A Long Way Gone (honors only), I Am Malala (honors only), and Farewell to Manzanar (honors only).  The honors only options will be literature circle options for our Memior Unit. 
    Independent Reading (IR) is also going to be a component of English 9. This reading will help students explore interests, build vocabulary, and model good writing and technique. I will not be monitoring student IR choices; it is impossible for me to read every book that all of my students will potentially read. However, please feel free to contact me if you would like to work out a plan for this so we can make sure your child is reading things you deem appropriate. Please see the attached parent letter on IR here
    Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have questions or concerns. My email can be found above. I am looking forward to a great year of collaboration to help your ninth-grader transition to the high school and be the most successful student they can be!
    Required Items for English 9: 1 subject notebook with lined paper, 1" binder, writing utensils, Independent Reading book
    Recommended Items for English 9: Post-it notes (any size is fine) for annotating, Highlighter, Folder for loose papers or homework transportation (so you don't have to take home your entire binder), an agenda to write down assignments
    PARENTS: I have been teaching for about 8 years now and I HIGHLY recommend students use an agenda of some sort to track their assignments. Most think they don't need it, but many times students run into trouble when it comes to homework and meeting deadlines when they get to the high school. This tool is something many adults use, and I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to have your 9th grader begin to use one right from the start of the year.