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    Bellefonte Area High School
    Social Studies Faculty Page


    Ed Fitzgerald
    Department Chair
    University of Pittsburgh
    CHS Instructor

    # of year at BHS:                   25
    Courses:                                  A.P. Government, Gifted MS/HS, 
                                                   PS200 American Politics (U PItt CHS course)
                                              B.A. Ursinus College, M.A. US History U Conn  (Storrs)
                                              Gifted Endorsed Certificate

    Adviser                               Model UN, Graduation Coordinator
    Interests:                            Camping, Fishing, Skiing


    Mr. Fitzgerald's webpage

    Colin Chapman
    CHS - University of Pittsburgh Instructor


     # of year at BHS:                5
    Teaching Assignment:          US History I, US History 601 (U Pitt CHS course), and
                                              AP Comparative Government/Politics
    College:                               Mansfield University - Social Studies Education with minors in
                                                Music and Business Administration     
    Interests:                                  Ice hockey, cycling & camping

    Mr. Chapman's website


    Allyson Durney 

    # years at BHS:              8 years

    Teaching Assignment:     12th grade US Government, AP World History, World Cultures

    College(s) attended:        BS Clarion University, MA California University of PA  

    Extracurriculars:              Adviser - Class of 2017
    Interests:                         Watching any type of sport (PSU, Pirates, Steelers).  Likes to play
                                            basketball and volleyball.  Loves to read and travel.

    Website:                          https://www.basd.net/Domain/1299


    Christopher Krupp 

    # of years at BHS:                 12
    Teaching Assignment:           AEP Instructor and Director 

    College:                      BA International Politics (PSU)
                                      Masters Classroom Technology (Clarion)

                                                 Certifiable - Social Studies, English, Instruction Tech
    Interests:                               Coaching and playing hockey,
                                                 spending time with my wife & son. 


    Rebecca Leitzell

    # years at BHS:                      13

    Teaching Assignment:             BELA Director/BELA Social Studies teacher

    College(s) attended:               BA American Studies PSU,  SSED Texas State, M.Ed. CI - LHU

    Interests:                                Avid PSU football fan, enjoys running and spending time with 3 children.

    Website                                  http://https://www.basd.net/Page/1894



     Michael Maney

    # of year at BHS:                   15
    College:                                  BA Secondary Ed S.S. LHU
     Masters in Curriculum and Instruction LHU

    Interests:                                 Exercising, studying local history,
                                                    spending  time with family. 

    Teaching Assignment:            US History 2, AP Microeconomics

    Extracurricular:                      Wrestling Head coach                             



    Matthew Maris 

    # years at BHS:                      6
    Teaching Assignment:            World Cultures, AP Human Geography
    College Attended:                   Lock Haven University
    Interests:                                Family, outdoors, reading & History


    Matt Martin
    CHS - University of Pittsburgh Instructor


    # of years at BHS:       17 years
    Teaching Assgt:           AP US History & Government 
                                       History 601 - University of Pittsburgh CHS program 
    College:                      BA SecEd Minor Spec Ed 
                                       Masters LHU
                                       Penn State - 3rd year Graduate program
    Interests:                    golf, reading, Penn State football

                           Go to Mr. Martin's web page



    Christine Morris
    CHS - University of Pittsburgh Instructor

    # of years at BHS :              26
    Teaching Assignmentt:         US History II, Psychology, AP Psychology,
                                                 AP European History 
                                                University of Pittsburgh CHS courses:  
                                                History 101 & Psychology 10

    College:                               BA History PSU,  SSED certification PSU
                                                M.Ed. SSED  Curriculum and Instruction
                                                M.A. Psychology  

    Extracurriculars:                   National Honor Society adviser, Girl Scout leader
    Interests:                               Reading, travel, spending time w/ my family.

    Go to Mrs. Morris's web page


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