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    The Bellefonte Area School District plans to increase the availability of technology access in the classroom utilizing a new program called Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). This program will begin on first day of the third marking period.  The program is available to students in grades nine through twelve and will allow them to use their own devices on the district campuses. Your child/children will be permitted to use his/her device to access information, work on school projects, share and collaborate with other students. Use of these devices for unrelated activities beyond or outside the Bellefonte Area School District educational program are prohibited.

    There will be a mandatory informational meeting at Bellefonte Area High School Theatre at 6:00 p.m. on January 7th and/or January 14th; attendance at only one meeting is required.  At this time, your child will register their device to be a part of the program.

    Devices acceptable for use during this pilot are:

    • Laptops (Windows, Mac or Google Chromebook)

    • Newer versions of iPads

    • Tablet computers

    • Cell phones

    Note:  The district wifi network is optimized for connecting with Chromebooks. The ability to connect will vary with other devices depending on the age of the device and the ability of the device to receive a strong signal.

    The goal of this program is to help enhance instruction by increasing students’ ability to access educational materials. Students who are registered with the BYOD pilot will be given instructions on how to connect their device to the wireless network. The Acceptable Use Policy and Electronic Devices Policy extends to student devices as well as district-owned technology while on campus. The complete Acceptable Use Policy No. 815 and Electronic Device Policy No. 237 are downloadable, in pdf format, on www.basd.net .  Click on the School Board tab and then on the School Board Policies tab located on the left-hand side of the page.

    Procedures for BYOD Program:


    • When a student brings his/her own device to school, it is required that he/she use the Bellefonte Area School District wireless BYOD network. Students will not be permitted to log in to personal data plans at school as this gives them unfiltered access to online content. Pennsylvania School Districts are required to use Internet filtering to be compliant with CIPA, the Children’s Protection Act and eligible for E-Rate Internet access funding.

    • By connecting to the Bellefonte Area School District BYOD wireless network, students accept the terms of the District’s Acceptable Use Policy and Electronic Device Policy and guidelines set forth in the building’s student handbook.

    • Students may not use their own devices during class unless approved by the classroom teacher.

    • Bring devices to school fully charged and in good working order.

    • Bring necessary charging/power supplies to school.

    • Students should “power off” when not using their device in order to save battery power. Also, students should set their device to the “silent” setting unless otherwise directed by their teacher.

    • Students will only be allowed to register one device. They will be allowed to swap the device once during the school year.

    Ownership and Responsibility:

    • Students are responsible for the device as they would be for any other personal item brought from home.

    • Students who bring their own device to school do so at their own risk. Neither the school nor the district may be held liable for loss, theft, or damage to personal property.

    • Students are to keep their devices secure at all times and not loan them to others.

    • Set a password on the device and do not share that password with others.

    • Clearly and permanently label all devices and cords with your child’s name.

    • Record the device serial number and model information for your own records.

    • Theft of items on school property will be referred to local law enforcement.

    • The District is not required to provide technical support or service for student devices. All repair issues are the responsibility of the device owner.

    • The BYOD program is a privilege and can be revoked at any point in time.

    Safety and Security Concerns:

    • All student devices need to have up-to-date system software.

    • Anti-virus software and anti-malware/spyware software should be installed and setup on student devices and kept updated.

    • This BYOD network is a public network that is used by other students BYOD devices which could put your device at risk if it is not properly protected.

    We are very excited to begin utilizing student devices and the benefits of technology integration in the classroom. Please review and complete the following Parent & Student Consent form so your student can participate in the BYOD program.  Please contact Mr. Richard Knepp at rknepp@basd.net with any questions regarding this pilot.


    Richard E. Knepp

    Director of Information Services

    Bellefonte Area School District