•  2022 AP (Advanced Placement) Exam Information

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    The 2022 AP exams begin May 2. Go here for the complete calendar for AP Exams:


    All AP Exam students should access their College Board MyAP account to view the date and time for each of their individual AP Exam(s)  - go to your MyAP AP Login for your Registration and Ordering site. You’ll need to sign-in with your College Board Username and Password.

    AP exam students will receive any AP exam information from the College Board to their personal email addresses. You must have a personal email address, not your school email address, in your MyAP account. 

    Ask your AP Teacher the room location for your exam.

    Students taking AP exams will need to go to an earlier or later lunch. Students taking afternoon AP exams should plan alternate transportation, home other than the school bus, in case the exam goes late.

    Students and parents must read the AP Exam Terms and Conditions prior to their exam day(s)! Students will need to accept these terms and conditions on their AP answer sheet, prior to taking each exam.

    For AP Exams:

    Students must arrive at their testing room on time, prepared with two number 2 pencils and a drink and snack for break, and if needed for your exam, two pens with black or dark blue ink, and an approved calculator

    Students cannot enter an AP exam late or be dismissed early from an AP exam.  

    • Athletes will not be permitted to leave an AP exam early to participate in an athletic event.
    • Students will not be permitted to leave an AP exam early to go to work.
    • Students will not be permitted to leave for an appointment.
    • If you have a conflict let me know asap – an alternate exam in the late testing window can possibly be ordered.
    • Morning exam students will eat the last lunch period.
    • Afternoon exam students will eat the earliest lunch period.. 
    • Students taking afternoon exams need to plan for alternate transportation home other than the school bus.  Transportation is not provided. 
    • All Electronic Devices (cell phones and all wearable devices) must be powered off and will be collected in the exam room – it’s best to leave them in your locker.
    • Dress comfortably and be prepared for warm or cold, air-conditioned exam rooms.
    • Students must never have food or drink near their exam desks.
    • AP Spanish Language and AP Music Theory students must practice with (Digital Audio Capture) DAC on their school Chromebooks!

    For all AP Exam students - If you have a conflict with any AP exam let me know right away!  

    Review these sites for more complete AP Exam Information and Instructions:

    2022 AP Exam Policies and Guidelines

    2022 AP Exam Terms and Conditions

    2022 AP Exam Instructions

    Absolutely share this information with your parents! 

    All the very best with your exam!!! 

    Dr. Burns