• do you know?As a parent, you want to ensure that your child is safely using the internet and their devices. Most parents are aware of risks and dangers, but simply don't know what to look for. Please use the information and resources on this site as a starting point to communicate with your child regarding the responsible use of technology.
    Communication is the key. Ask your child what they do when they are online or using apps. Monitor internet activity, texts and the use of social media apps. Establish guidelines, boundaries and consequences. 
    appsMany children and teens are moving away from networks such as Facebook, and are using apps to text and to share photos and videos.
    Ask your child to show you the apps on his or her computer, phone, tablet, iPod/iPad and/or other electronic device, and have them tell you what they use the apps for. If you don't recognize an app, look it up using an online search engine.