• The 43rd Pennsylvania
    (1st light Artillery)
     By Sean Hough
    Flag of the 43rd Pennsylvania
    This site chronicles the exploits the 43rd Pennsylvania regiment (the first Pennsylvania artillery) and its nine batteries throughout the Civil War. Artillery was a necessary component of any army. Artillery was used to support infantry or calvary attacks, defend fortifications, or to just disperse the enemy and cause confusion in their lines. Any artillery regiments were divided by Battery amongst the union armies. Artillery regiments therefore never stayed together.

    The site will include the following: the regiment's role in several key battles during the war, some of the people who were part of the regiment, weaponry used by the regiment, and its history. Enjoy!
    Rosters of all the men of the 43rd Pennsylvania: http://http://www.43rdpa.ussindianabb58.com/ 
                                            Leadership of the 43rd Pennsylvania: http://www.43rdpa.ussindianabb58.com/fieldroster.html 
    Total Killed During the war
    Battery A - 38 (21 from disease) 
    Battery B - 38 (17 from disease)
    Battery C - 14 (12 from disease)
    Battery D - 30 (18 from disease)
    Battery E - 23 (21 from disease)
    Battery F - 31 (13 from disease)
    Battery G - 31 (14 from disease)
    Battery H - 20 (18 from disease)
    Battery I - 2 (Both to disease)  
    Total lossed: 227 (136 to disease alone) during the entire war for the entire regiment! It's good to be an Artilleryman. 
     A link to the 43rd Pennsylvania Battery F and G memory at Gettysburg: http://http://www.gettysburg.stonesentinels.com/PA/1PaArtBatFG.php