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    All Students 

    Scheduled Portrait Days at School are:
    Underclassman and Senior IDs: 9/12/23 - contact Vicky Confer with questions. vconfer@basd.net - Makeup up Day: 11/09/23

    Senior Photo Information

    Seniors: Senior photos will be on September 14th and September 15th. If you need to change your time or change dates email aweigold@basd.net.

    Retake day for all seniors will be October 13th, so if you want the option of possibly having a retake you must attend the first session. Please email aweigold@basd.net to schedule a time if a retake is needed.

             - Please wear a nice casual outfit, your formal attire will be provided. Boys: we will have a white dress shirt, suit jacket, and tie.

            - Ladies: should wear a cami or tank top underneath as we will be using a drape for the formal photos.

    • Seniors: If you would like to view your photo or order photos visit Dale Manning Photography's website
    • Any questions about selecting your senior photo should be directed to Mr. Weigold in room 214 or Dale Manning at dale@manningphoto.net
    Senior Class Photo: October 4th at 9:10 on the Football Field - Rain Date of October 9th.  
    Click on the picture below to order your yearbook until 4/5. After that date, you must order with Mr. Weigold in room 214
    Prices of the Book 
    $65 August 28th until September 22nd
    $70 September 23rd until October 20th 
    $75 October 21st until December 29th
    $80 December 30th until January 26th
    $80 January 27th until the end of the year - No Personalization
Last Modified on October 3, 2023