• Nutrition– Choose My Plate       Name __________________­­­­­­­_______



    1. Under “My Plate”…
      1. How many food groups are on this site?



      1. Give me an example of 1 cup of fruit.



      1. What is 1 tip to help you eat vegetables?



      1. How many grains does a person need daily?



      1. What is 1 health benefit of protein foods?



      1. What is 1 tip for making a wise dairy choice?



      1.  What are “oils?”



    1.  Under “Physical Activity”…
      1.  Adolescents (age 6 – 17) need 60 minutes or more of physical activity each day.  What other activities should be included as part of that 60 minutes?



      1.  What is 1 way to increase physical activity at home?



    1.  Under “Healthy Eating Tips”…
      1.  What is 1 tip for eating healthy when eating out?



      1.  What is cross contamination (under  Food Safety Advice)?



    1.  List 5 other facts from this website (can use back of paper, if needed).