**Jr High Announcements**

       GRADES, GRADES, GRADES - academics are most critical part of our student-athletes experience at Bellefonte. Please continue to reinforce at home. Eligibility has started. I am certainly able to help student-athletes with school work and/or helping a student-athlete get tutoring if needed but “Not completing assignments” is not an option. Often this is the biggest reason for a drop in grade. Part of the experience of being a student-athlete is learning responsibility, commitment, and time management. If you do not have access to PowerSchool yet please let me know.
       School Cancellations - In the event school is cancelled, there will be no practices. The same if there is an early dismissal from school. In the past, we have been able to work with Penn State, MatTown, etc. to have a workout, especially on days before competitions. This information that is something that will be vary so on days of bad weather please check email, Facebook, etc.

       School Delays – when there is a delay, we are still able to practice. However, if an AM WORKOUT is scheduled and there is a delay, there will be NO AM WORKOUT.


       Starting immediately, wrestlers are REQUIRED to wear headgear at practice. As they may see this as inconvenient, it serves very important purposes. First, protection from injury, and second, to prevent adjusting headgear during matches.

       Injured wrestlers – injured wrestlers are still required to attend practice. Depending on the injury, the wrestlers will see the trainer, complete physical therapy, ice, etc. as advised by trainer, then participate in practice (as allowed depending on injury). We will not require an athlete to do anything not permitted, however, coaches can communicate with the trainer to give them exercises they can do.

       All practices are mandatory unless otherwise noted. Please notify myself BEFORE the start of practice if able. We understand this is not always possible but in the event  a wrestler maybe sick, please contact me: jdiehl@basd.net .

       EXCUSED PRACTICES – at this time of the year, the coaches know sickness does happen. As mentioned above, please let coaches know. I don’t always get the absent report from school. The same if a wrestler leaves school early. I don’t always get these messages so when a wrestler does not show up to practice, then “the parent” instinct comes out and worse case scenarios run through your head. So please communicate if not going to be at practice. We do worry about them and their well-being.



Last Modified on November 16, 2014