• BASD Employee Recognition March 2013
    District employees recognized at the March 12, 2013 board meeting 
    Front row (left to right): Rebecca Roos, Karen Shawley, Michelle Krape, Wendy Bakaj, Marcy Thomas
    Back row (left to right): Nicholas Kelly, Elizabeth Dincher, Vicky Confer, Janet Rogers, Nicole Eckley, Suzanne Thompson
    (Inset) Jeffrey Coslo
     Employee Recognition System

    Saluting Every BASD Employee
    Courteous – Caring – Considerate – Cooperative
    Helpful - Service Beyond Expectations – Accommodating

     Bellefonte Area School District

    The Bellefonte Area School District appreciates each employee for contributing to the success of our students.  An Employee Recognition System was created to provide an opportunity to recognize employees.  The Board of School Directors congratulated the following recipients of the Employee Recognition System award at the March 12, 2013, Regular Board Meeting.  Employees were nominated by their coworkers in their respective district buildings. 

    Excerpts of coworkers’ nomination comments included: “…takes great pride in work…kind and caring…pleasant and does fantastic job…remembers little things…friendly and pleasant…work ethic is unsurpassed…character, attitude, and commitment to excellence are examples for us all…outstanding compassion to students…amazing job…hard work and willingness to help on a daily basis…dedication to school, staff, and students…employee should be patented…strong team player…really knows her students…genuinely cares about each coworker…enthusiastic and dedicated worker…pleasure to work with…comes in with a smile every morning…devoted to student achievement and success of students…goes above and beyond duties…does outstanding job…always willing to help…kind, considerate, and polite to everyone…

    Professional Staff Recipients:
    Elizabeth Dincher     Bellefonte Area High School
    Nicole Eckley         Bellefonte Area Middle School 
    Suzanne Thompson      Bellefonte Elementary School
    Rebecca Roos          Benner Elementary School
    Nicholas Kelly        Marion-Walker Elementary School
    Michelle Krape        Pleasant Gap Elementary School

    Support Staff Recipients:

    Vicky Confer          Bellefonte Area High School
    Marcy Thomas          Bellefonte Area Middle School
    Janet Rogers          Bellefonte Elementary School
    Jeffrey Coslo         Benner Elementary School
    Karen Shawley         Marion-Walker Elementary School
    Wendy Bakaj           Pleasant Gap Elementary School
Last Modified on April 5, 2013