• What Gear Do I Need to Play Lacrosse?

    Okay, so you're interested in playing....awesome. Get ready for some fun. First off? A little lingo, LAX - it's short for lacrosse (obvi right?) but we want to be sure you know the little things AND the big things. The big things are the items that will help you have a safe and successful season. So below we've outlined some of the stuff you definitely need and some things that are nice to have. Find any LAX player in school and ask 'em, they'll likely share all of their tips, tricks or hacks. LAX to the max, ladies!

    UNIFORMS ARE SUPPLIED (Skirt and Tank Top).

    Other than uniforms, all other equipment must be purchased (with exception of some Goalie gear).

    The following 4 items are required and not provided:

    • Lacrosse Stick
    • Cleats - NO METAL SPIKES
    • Lacrosse Goggles
      Goggles must be stamped with SEI mark on them or this code ASTM F3077-2017
    • Mouth Guard 
      Mouthguard must be a colored mouthguard. No clear, no white, and no decorative mouthguards (ie fangs etc) are allowed.

    The items listed below are suggested items. These items are NOT required, but useful for player organization or for comfort in cold early-season games.

    • Gym Bag/Lacrosse Back Pack or Duffle Bag
      A stick bag is not necessary, but some players like them. Others do not. But a gym bag or sports duffle bag to carry extra clothes and smaller gear is typically helpful.
    • Lacrosse Gloves
      Some players like them, some don't. Totally your preference, but nice when it is cold. Women's lacrosse gloves look sort of similar to mechanic gloves they are padded a bit around the knuckles, they aren't like ice hockey or the boys' lacrosse gloves.
    • Black Leggings
      Highly recommended to have for under uniform skirts at the beginning of the season or earlier morning travel when the weather is cold.
    • Black, Red or White Long-sleeved Shirt – some years the Booster club will supply these shirts, but having more than one is often found helpful.
      (Recommend fitted or compression style to fit under uniform Tank shirt)
      Nice to have for under uniform tank tops at the beginning of the season.
      Another tip is to wear a sports bra under this layer, so if player gets hot during the game, it's easy to shed that layer without needing to find a bathroom.