• GirlsInWindow School Bus Conduct/Violations
    Safety requires enforcement of rules for school bus conduct.  Parents/Guardians are asked to familiarize their children with the obligations and courtesies of public transportation.  A pupil who cannot maintain self-discipline forfeits this privilege and must rely on other means of transportation.  According to Pennsylvania Public School Code, the bus driver has the same authority over the pupil while on the bus as the teacher has in the classroom.
    the school bus driver is authorized to enforce safety and social standards on his/her bus.  He determines the degree of talking and activity permissible, conforming with policies set by the bus contractor and the Bellefonte Area School District.  School bus rules are to be posted at the front of each bus.  School bus rules and expectations are also listed in student handbooks throughout the district.  On board surveillance cameras ;may be used at the discretion of the school and transportation authorities.  A list of pupils assigned to the bus is kept by the driver, bus contractor, Director of Transportation and School Principal/Vice Principal.
    Pupils will not be permitted to ride a bus other than his/her own unless prior written consent is obtained from the parent and the School Principal/Vice Principal.
    • First Offense:  Warning to offender or offenders by driver.
    • Second Offense:  Report by driver to School Principal/Vice Principal of the school where he or she attends.  Disciplinary action taken by administrator.  (This may include assignment of detention in accordance with the attending school discipline policy or revocation of privileges during the school day such as recess activities for elementary students.)   School official notifies parents.  A copy of the report and action taken is forwarded by the administrator to the Transportation Office.  The administrator will also forward a copy of the report to the student's parent(s)/guardian(s).
    • Third and Subsequent:  Will have the same consideration as a major offense.

    • First Offense:  Riding privileges are suspended for up to one week.  A greater number of days is possible, depending on the nature and severity of the offense, as decided upon by the building administrator and the Transportation Director..  Driver may recommend removal of offender from the bus at the school building or his/her bus stop.  Drier reports infraction immediately to School Principal/Vice Principal who notifies parents.  Following a suspension from riding privileges, the student shall assure the driver that no further problems will occur.  Transportation to and from school during a suspension of riding privileges will become the responsibility of the parent(s)/guardian(s).  Students are NOT permitted to ride another bus during suspension.
    • Second and Subsequent:  Same as above with extension of suspension period, as agreed upon by the administration, driver, and Transportation Director.

    TYPICAL MINOR VIOLATIONS:  Insubordination, eating, drinking, littering, standing or changing seats while bus is in motion, rude, discourteous, annoying, pushing, tripping.
    TYPICAL MAJOR VIOLATIONS:  Fighting, smoking or using tobacco, spitting, destruction of property, violating safety procedures, throwing objects, unacceptable language.
    The cooperation of all concerned is essential for the safe operation of the school bus program.