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    Inclement Weather Guidelines
    The Bellefonte Area School District uses the BLACKBOARD Notification System to provide timely communication to parents and guardians on matters such as school closings and weather-related information, attendance/absence notification, general interest activities and building-specific events and campus and district emergencies.   In order to enhance our ability to accurately deliver that information successfully and in a timely manner, we kindly request that you promptly update any changes in telephone, cell phone or email information for all contacts associated with your child by contacting the school they attend. The emergency numbers will be called in the event of an emergency at the school in which we feel it is imperative that you, the parent or guardian, be contacted as soon as possible.  The primary number will be used to send less critical messages. This number will be listed in the student database as the primary number used for parent/guardian contact.  

    The district also provides a new text messaging service that will enhance communication by allowing us to deliver important information to you.  More information about this option is available at this link to SMS text messaging.

    Cancellation of school because of inclement weather conditions or other emergencies will also be announced on local radio and television stations. 
    If a decision has been made to delay in the start of the school day and if conditions continue to deteriorate during the delay period, school may be cancelled.  Bus stop delays may also occur due to road conditions.
    If a weather emergency occurs during the school day, every precaution will be taken to assure our students' safe return home.  If inclement weather is anticipated, please do not call the school as our Blackboard Notification System will keep you up to date with any adjusted schedules and cancellations.
    The decision to alter/cancel school due to weather conditions is a difficult one.  Each decision is based upon information from a variety of professional sources which include:  certified meteorological weather forecasts, police reports, road condition reports from PennDOT and local municipalities.  School personnel monitor weather conditions and forecasts throughout the night.  The best decision will be made on the information that has been given to the school district.
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