• Jesse Neshteruk

    Civil War Battles “What I Learned”

    Mr. Packer



                I learned many things from my project on the 13th Pennsylvania Cavalry. I learned more about the Civil War and it’s battles. I also learned how to make a website and how to cite your sources. I had fun with this project.

                I learned more about the Civil War and my unit. The 13th Pennsylvania Cavalry was a cavalry, so they scouted most of the time. They were organized in September 1862. The first major battle they were in was The Second Battle of Winchester. They were lead by General Milroy and lost the battle. They retreated back to Harper’s Ferry and stayed there until General French picked them up. They then were put into the Army of the Potomac. They stayed with the Army of the Potomac until they were discharged in July 1865. Then they help start the Bristoe Campaign when they won the battle for the Culpeper Court House. While in the Bristoe they were involved in the Buckland Races and the Rappahannock Station. They were then in the Mine Run battle which ended in a draw. Then they scouted all spring of 1864 until Grant’s Overland Campaign. It was full of wins and loses. While they were in the campaign they broke off with Sheridan and participated in the Trevillian Raid. Then afterwards they fought in the second battle of Deep Bottom. Then they fought in many skirmishes but then fought in the battle of Reams Station to stop the shipment of supplies to Petersburg who was on siege. Then they fought in the battle for Peeble’s Farm. They won a couple of battles but not all of them. Then they fought in the battle of Hatche’s Run and won that battle. After Hatcher’s Run they went to Southern Virginia to keep the peace. They were their for the surrender of Johnston and his army. They were called back to Philadelphia and were mustered out on July 14, 1865.

                I also learned about making a website. It is difficult and time consuming. It takes all your time away from other homework and other important tasks. I learned how to make a web page what font and size to make it and what colors work with each other. I learned how to import pictures and that you can’t copy and paste photos. I learned how to cite your sources for a website APA style. First, you need the author’s name. Second, you need the date the website was last updated. Third, you need the title of the webpage. Last you need to get the websites address and enter all of the components in the citation machine. This project also taught me about time management and organization. This taught me I should plan out what I am going to do first, last, and in the middle. 

    In conclusion, I liked this project even though it took time away from me. My unit, the 13th Pennsylvania Cavalry helped me learn more about the Civil War. It also taught me how to cite my sources and how to make a website. It taught me about time management and organization. I liked this project and would do it again.