• Civil War Battles Essay


    When one thinks of a cavalry, he or she often thinks it is one of the safest jobs. By thinking this, one is making a completely wrong assumption. A cavalry not only goes on secret missions undetected, but also fights the battles as well. Cavalries are still used today, just in different means of transportation. A cavalry is a major part of the military which provides a great source of information and supplies an army with tough riders ready to fight.

                Cavalries were a great source of information, but how did they begin? Often times cavalries would have specially bred horses imported for battle, then before entering the war, they may have bred them to have an ample supply of strong horses. For example, the First Vermont Cavalry imported their horses from Europe to bring a special breed of horse to the war. It is said that Governor Fair Banks allowed Lemuel B. Platt to begin The First Vermont Cavalry because of the fight in the Vermont men, and because of the widely famous European fight horses the regiment was going to acquire.

                Once a cavalry has their horses, one often thinks they are ready for battle, however, how are they going to get to the battle scene? A cavalry could not ride their horses across multiple states before engaging in war, the horses would be exhausted by the time they got there. Instead, the cavalry would take trains. For example, the First Vermont Cavalry was said to take a train down to the battle site with a 153 car train. The men of the cavalry unit would stay in the same train cars with the horses. It is said that one night one of the men fell off of the roof of the train when he went out to get some air. When he fell off, he was shredded into pieces by the train wheels. Life during the Civil War was certainly not luxury. I have learned all of the above from the journey the civil war took me on during the duration of this class.

                This project was a mind changing experience. I signed up for the class because I wanted to be more educated on the topic of this nation’s past wars, but I never expected to learn as much as I have. Not only was I able to read about the battles my unit thrived in, but also was able to look into the minds of multiple men in battle. I learned that the times were never easy, but the men were fighting for a cause. The men had determination and the will to fight. Each side protected something they love and believe in.

                This project was inspiring. It made the class stand out. I have never taken a class that forced me to work that hard on a web page I created. This project forced me to think differently. I learned so much from doing my own research and reading about specific wars that my regiment partook in. in the beginning I thought that the project would be boring, time consuming, and pointless, but I was very wrong. The project was neither boring nor pointless, but it did prove to be time consuming. This project certainly proved not to be an easy project, however, it also proved to be rewarding as well. Without doing all of this research I still would not have learned all of the information that I have acquired today. This project forced me to dig up information that had been buried for years and to carefully examine a priceless piece of America’s past.

                Over all, this project was difficult and time consuming, however, the positive effects outweighs the negative effects of the project. The positive effects would include, this being a unique project, I was able to teach myself, I learned to think like the civil war soldiers, and it proves that our teacher had much faith in his class living up to expectations and completing this project flawlessly. The soldiers had such a strong will power to fight, "We'll fight them, sir, 'til hell freezes over, and then, sir, we will fight them on the ice" (A Confederate soldier at Gettysburg, in The Civil War by Shelby). By not completing this project to the best of our ability and complaining that the project was too difficult would be a disgrace to our forefathers. They fought for something that meant so much to them, and by not completing this fully rewarding project, it would be an insult to the nation they fought for.