• 1st Virginia Cavalry

    By: Hunter Davidson

              For my civil war website project I was assigned the regiment 1st Virginia Cavalry.  We have worked on this website nearly since the class’s beginning. Through the time spent studying my regiment I have learned many things about it from its point of conception to its point of departure from the war. In this essay I will tell of the many things I have learned on this military regiment.

              It all started when the civil war was just starting to get in effect. The 1st Virginia Cavalry formed on July 16, 1861. It originally consisted of 12 companies, which was a very large amount for that time period. The cavalry formed in Winchester, Virginia. Upon its entry into the war the cavalry was under the leadership of J.E.B. Stuart, who quickly became a big name in the war. This was how it all began for the regiment.

              The first battle that the cavalry fought in was the first battle of Bull Run (or Manassas) on July 21, 1861. After that battle the regiments control was split up between J.E.B. Stuart, Fitzhugh Lee, Wickham, and Munford. This would ensure more strategies for the confederates during battles. It stayed like that for the duration of the war with some generals being taken in and out of position, but General J.E.B. Stuart was the head honcho for the cavalry through the whole war.

              The cavalry engaged in over 200 battles and skirmishes throughout the war, making it a definitive unit. Among these engagement s include the Battle of Gettysburg, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, and Seven Days Battles. Within these battles the cavalry faced its ups and downs, its wins and its losses, and its successes and its errors, but overall it was an ingenious unit. The cavalry finally disbanded on April 11, 1865 after the Appomattox Campaign.

              In this essay I have told you just some of the many things I have learned about my unit the 1st Virginia Cavalry. I hope you have learned something from reading this and urge you to look further into this military unit. This is my summarization of the 1st Virginia Cavalry.