• The Battle of Brandy Station was the largest cavalry battle during the civil war, and the largest to take place on american soil for that matter.
    • The battle was fought by Major General Alfred Pleasonton's Union cavalry and J.E.B. Stuart's confederate cavalry.
    • Took place on June 9, 1863.
    • The Confederate Cavalry had 9,500 soldiers.
    • The Union Cavalry had 11,000 soldiers at its command.
    • The Union surprised Stuart twice in the battle and then the Union gained the upper hand for the rest of the battle.
    • The Union ended up winning the battle and an important capture was made during it, being the capture of Robert E. Lee's son Rooney Lee, who was also seriously wounded in the leg.
    Cavalry charge near Brandy Station         
    Battle of Brandy Station  
      Map overview of The Battle of Brandy Station