• Trevillian Raid
    (After the battle of Cold Harbor)
    June 11-24
    Trevillian Station (June 11-12)
    To draw away the Confederate cavalry and make an opportunity for a movement to the James River, Sheridan made a large-scale cavalry raid into Louisa County. This threatened to cut the Virginia Central Railroad. On June 11th Sheridan with the Gregg's and Torbert's divisions attack the Confederates cavalry divisions. Sheridan divided the Confederate divisions. This confused the Confederates. On June 12th the Confederates dismounted their troopers and drew a defensive line across the railroad and the road to Gordonsville. From this position they held back several determined dismounted attacks. Sheridan stopped after destroying about six miles of the Virginia Central Railroad. This loss prevented Sheridan from going to Charlottesville to work with Hunter's army in the valley.
    About 1,000 Union casualties, and 1,000 Confederate casualties. 
    New Kent ( June 21)
    There is not very much information on New Kent. In a news article from the Daily Dispatch in Richmond. It said that Yankes from attacked a picket line at New Kent on June 12, 1864. Then the cavalry retreated quickly. 
     Tunstall Station(June 21)
    St. Mary's Church (June 24)
    On June 24, Maj. Gen. Wade Hampton’s cavalry attempted to cut off Sheridan’s cavalry returning from their raid to Trevilian Station. Sheridan stalled to protect a long supply train under his protection, then rejoined the Union army at Bermuda Hundred.

    File:Sheridan's Trevilian Station Raid.png