• Leaders of the 13th Pennsylvania Cavalry
    James A. Gallagher
    From: Roscommon, Ireland
    December 1861-July 1863 
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    James A. Galligher organized the 13th Pennsylvania Cavalry
    Michael Kerwin
    From: Co. Wexford, Ireland
     March 1862-July 1865
    Michael Kerwin
    Took over after Gallagher was discharged for a wound he surffered from after he fell off his horse in the Shenandoah Valley.
    Robert H. Milroy
    From: Salem, Indiana
    Februray 1863-June 1863
     Robert Kerwin
    Lead the 13th PA Cavalry during the second battle of Winchester and died during the battle.
    William H. French
    From: Baltimore, Maryland
    July 1863-May 1864
    General French
    Found the Cavalry unit at Harper's Ferry and recruited them to the Army of the Potomac.
    Philip Sheridan
    From: Albany, New York
     May 1864-August 1864
    Sheridan lead the cavalry through the Overland Campaign all the way to the  Battle of Hatchers Run
    Hugh J. Kilpatrick
    From: Deckertown, New Jersey 
    Major General 
    Bristoe Campaign
    Lead them in to the Buckland Mills Battle 
    William T. Sherman
    From: Lancastor, Ohio 
    Major General
    Took over the Unit after the Second Battle of Hatchers Run